Lady Gaga Versace Campaign, Retouched and Untouched

I love the Lady Gaga Campaign for Versace Spring 2014.

I think its beautiful.

I think she’s beautiful. just posted retouched/untouched comparisons

(from Gaga Fresh Online)

which are quite interesting.

 I really loved the makeup in the final product,

so am a bit disappointed if in fact it 

was all constructed in post.

But regardless, she looks stunning.

(scroll down for untouched/retouched

and check out the rest of the untouched images at

Gaga Versace black dress un-touched)

Gaga Versace black dress retouched)

Gaga Versace handbag un-touched (with bruised knees)

Gaga Versace handbags retouched, bruises gone

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