Prepare For International Travel In Style

“I will prepare, and someday my chance will come…”

Abraham Lincoln

One of my mantras.
I believe in it to my core.
So I like to be prepared at all times for any excitement or adventure that may come my way. 

In my book that means having a valid passport and a valid International Drivers Permit at all times. Should an impromptu trip to somewhere exciting or an international makeup job land in my lap, I am always ready to go.

You can organize a passport through the USPS, but it normally takes a few weeks, so don’t leave it too late. You can pick up an International Driving Permit through AAA, each one is valid for a year.

While traveling overseas you are required to keep your passport with you pretty much all the time. I like to keep mine in a stylish passport holder, such as this new one I just received from Stephanie Johnson, purveyor of luxe makeup bags, luggage accoutrements and iPad covers. Her products are coveted and adored by celebrities (that’s how I first found her fabulous makeup bags – actresses I  work with have them).

Pashmina, Gucci Aviators, Stephanie Johnson Passport Cover and Luggage Tag.
Ready to board my flight…

This year I am traveling with my new Malibu Lemon passport holder and matching luggage tags. Although my luggage is pretty easily identifiable I do like my accessories to match one another. The passport holder not only stops my passport from getting beaten up in my handbag, but it makes it easy to locate, and more difficult to leave behind anywhere.
And its beautiful and sunny.
The Stephanie Johnson Passport Cover comes in several fabulous colors, check them all out at
In addition to the lovely Malibu Lemon (which makes me think of the Amalfi Coast and Capri, two of the fabulous locations the Corinna B’s World Glam Italia 2014 Tour will be hitting this September), I especially love the Malibu Aqua and Malibu Orange.
Order yours before they sell out!

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