The Amika Switch Kit

Oh I am obsessed!!


My favorite new thing is my Amika Switch Kit curling system.

This may just be the very best way to buy curling irons.


This is super cool, because it has one base – the switch base, which comes with a 1 inch barrel . From there you can click off the 1 inch barrel and switch it out with a variety of different barrels. There’s a 1.25 inch barrel, a 1.5 inch and a 0.7 inch. So essentially you have 4 curling irons in one.


I love that on a whim I can change up my hair and give it Hollywood waves or beachy waves, curls or just a little soft movement. I can go glam or I can make it casual.


The barrels are tourmaline infused ceramic and use far-infared technology to heat the hair from the inside out, protecting the natural moisture, while negative ions close the hair’s cuticle giving you shiny, frizz-free, silky curls.

You can adjust the temperature up to 430 degrees (I keep mine at 360), the system is dual voltage, so you can use it overseas as well as in America, and it has a 9 foot cord that has a swivel base, so it doesn’t get caught up in anything.

I’ve actually had mine for several months now, and my daily changing out of the barrels (sometimes multiple times per day changing barrels) hasn’t damaged the switch base or the clips at all. 

Amika has a youtube channel with video tutorials on different looks you can create with each barrel.

The Amika Switch Kit makes a fabulous Christmas gift too!

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