5 Tips To Keep Valentine’s Date Makeup Looking Gorgeous Til Sunrise

It’s only a couple of weeks until Valentine’s Day.
Maybe your Valentine’s Day date will last well into the wee hours.
Maybe you will watch the sunrise together.

It sounds super romantic and lovely, but if your makeup is all smeared and worn off, or worse – looking chewed up and nasty, it

can feel like a romance buzzkill.

So how do you make your makeup last and look gorgeous until dawn?

Here are 5 tips to keep your Valentine’s makeup looking gorgeous all night long:


Prep your skin well.
Exfoliate first and get your complexion nice and smooth, then hydrate your skin so that its not parched and dry. Give yourself 10 minutes for your moisturizer to really soak in, and then use a good primer.
Try Smashbox Photo Finish Color Correcting Primer


Go Easy On Your Foundation.
Less is more” should be your motto. Use foundation sparingly, keep it sheer, and only use enough to even out your complexion.
Thick foundation is unflattering anyway, but looks hideous as the evening turns into the early hours.

Don’t Over-Powder.
The more powder you add the dustier and more deathly your skin looks. 
If you are getting too glowy, opt for a good blotting powder instead. I use Tatcha Original Aburatorigami Blotting Papers both on myself, and on my red carpet ladies.

Tatcha Blotting Papers

Touch Up With Touche Eclat 


When the makeup under your eyes starts looking seedy your whole look crashes. YSL’s amazing Touche Eclat basically mixes a little luminzer with color correcting concealer and eye cream. So it repairs your under eye makeup, disguises the dark circles under your eyes and then pops a little light off the area, making you look fresh and bright and awake.

Change Up Your Lip Game

Julie Hewett Camellia lip Balm

That fierce red lip that looked so stunning and on point at 9pm looks vampiric after the witching hour. A huge red lip at sunrise looks like you’re trying too hard, and a chewed off red lip doesn’t exactly look invitingly kissable. (Not wearing red? The same applies to any color.)
Once the night is waning start softening your lip with a good lip balm. As your color starts to disappear use a warm, nude toned lip liner for color and top it off with Julie hewett Camellia Lip Balm to keep your lips hydrated and soft. This way you subtley transition your look and will not only look lovely but totally kissable when the sun comes up.

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