Capri Sandals Are The Loveliest Sandals In The World

Are you heading to Capri this year?


I am hoping to lead another private tour of the Amalfi Coast and Sicily, and if this happens I will be back in Capri, buying more of the most gorgeous sandals in the world at Schettino.

turquoise sandals at Schettino in Capri

When style icon Jackie Onassis would go to the beautiful island of Capri she would have Aldo Schettino make her sandals. 

every time I see pictures of Jackie Onassis in Capri I wonder if she is wearing sandals from Schettino

Jackie Onassis with Giani Agneli in Capri

Because I am so enamored of Jackie O and her Onassis years I had to have Aldo make me some too. Now it has become a part of my Capri ritual, making my way up the Via Roma to the little shoe boutique to visit Aldo and Lydia and get myself some fabulous new footwear.

I wrote before about Buying Sandals In Capri (read the post here)
and as it turns out literally thousands of people round the world read my story. Many of them then went to Schettino while in Capri and bought sandals. I didn’t know anything about this until I walked into the store again last September, and sweet little Lydia looked like she had just seen a ghost. The night before her son had been showing her my blogpost because another Corinna B’s World reader had just ordered more sandals! And then in I walked.

Corinna-B-at-Schettino-in Capri
here I am last year with Aldo and Lydia at Shettino in Capri

It was so much fun seeing Aldo and Lydia again and meeting their lovely daughter.
This time I bought another pair of sandals as well as a pair of the softest moccasins you have ever seen. They look exactly like the Tods moccasins, but are less than half the price, and in my opinion are even softer and more luxurious.

what to wear in Capri

The shopping streets of Capri are lined with lovely boutiques selling fabulous local fashions, all in cottons and linens. White linen pants go perfectly with Capri sandals.

view-from-the-hills-in capri


looking out at Sorrento from Villa Jovis, Capri

Capri is one of those places that you have to experience.
It is beautiful.
If you go to Capri, go say hello to Aldo and Lydia, and tell them you read about them in this blog. They get a big kick out of it, and it is fun for me to go back and see them and hear all about all the blog readers who have been in to see them!
And then get out of the main shopping area and go explore. There is a whole different and exquisite Capri a mere 2 blocks from the shopping center, that is essentially tourist free and is absolutely magnificent. Not to be missed!

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