Bridal Beauty Tip # 14 ~ How To Wear A Red Lip On Your Wedding Day

Red lips are stunning, dramatic, and wildly alluring.
They can compliment a white wedding dress and a glowing complexion like nothing else, giving you a look that is fresh, modern and uber chic.

Super fresh and stunning – bride in a red lip

But they also can be tricky to pull off on a day as huge as your wedding day, so here are  tips for How To Wear A Red Lip On Your Wedding Day.

1. Do I or don’t I? 
If you normally wear a red lip, absolutely! – Go for it! If you don’t normally wear a red lip, proceed with caution. Red is trickier than any other color to wear, and as it is such an attention grabber, any hiccups that occur along the way, happen front and center.

2. Balm It.
If you are planning on going red for your wedding look, make sure you start prepping a few days out. Gently exfoliate your lips then keep them super hydrated with a thick and nourishing lip balm day and night leading into your big day.
Cracked, chapped lips, even slightly chapped lips, look awful under a bold red lipstick.  Get those lips smooth and hydrated before you go near a red lipstick. Try Nuxe Nourishing Lip balm (click on image below)

3. Saturate Your Color
Choose a lipstick that has really saturated color. Pinky/nudey glosses don’t really require too much color saturation, and will look fine even if the color is a little wiggly or patchy. Bold colors like reds really need dense, even pigment to make the entire lip look even. A patchy red lip looks awful.
(Click image for link to Temptu Imperial Red Lipstick)

4. Line It Twice.
I like to use two lip liners when working with red. The first is slightly darker than the lip color I’m using. This helps to create a multi dimensional lip, and stops the red from looking like it’s just sitting on top of your skin. (You will blend your lipstick through this line and make it disappear, but it will still be doing it’s job for you underneath.)
How-To-Wear-A-Red-Lip-On-Your-Wedding-DayThe second lip liner is the same shade as the lipstick, and you will fill the entire lip in with it. This way if your lipstick starts to come away you will have a matching color underneath.

5. Finish Strong.
Although glossy reds can be fun I don’t recommend them for weddings, instead I direct my girls to a matte finish.
Mattes hold longer – glosses tend to slip more. A matte lip in a bold color lets you opt for a glowy gorgeous complexion offset with a firm brow.
Another thing to consider when thinking red lips is the fellow you are planning on kissing. 
Men both love and fear a red lip. Red lipstick commands attention, is madly sexy (it will have him thinking about the wedding night allll day long!), but if you have a glossy or satiny red lip he will fear kissing you because he doesn’t want a trail of red slime all over him. A matte lip is both alluring and kiss friendly!


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