3 Makeup Tips For A Blusher Veil ~ Bridal Beauty Tip #25

I have a wedding coming up where the bride is wearing a floor length blusher veil. That is, a veil that will cover her face and drape down to the floor as she walks down the aisle.
Doesn’t that just sound fabulous??

I love the idea of that frisson of mystery that everyone will feel the moment the cathedral doors open and she is standing there, all back-lit and enigmatic. I love that she will float down the aisle in a diaphanous mist of glamour, and no one will know quite how she looks until the veil is lifted.

Bridal perfection at Oscar de la Renta

Ah – the drama!

Blusher veils and especially floor length blusher veils require a little extra thought and planning on the part of your beauty team.
Your hairstylist has to factor in the weight of the veil and how it will pull or weigh down the front of your hairstyle. He also has to think about the products he is using. They can’t be even slightly sticky in case they grab or adhere to the veil, and shine products can’t be too oily or have any residue that can attach to it.

image via DHGate.com

For makeup (my department) there are several considerations to keep in mind as well. Here are 3 of them:

1. Accentuate The Positive.

A blusher veil puts a soft focus diffusion on the face, so the facial features need to be a little more accentuated to make sure they don’t completely disappear. This doesn’t mean makeup overkill, or even big, dark makeup, instead have your makeup artist gently bring out your eyebrows, shape your cheekbones, and fill out your mouth.

image via veiltrends.blogspot.com

2. Set The Shine.

You want you skin to look luminous and glowing, but you have to stay on top of any excess sheen on your forehead and nose that can come in contact with the veil, leaving a foundation colored smudge to precede you down the aisle. Be sure to use a mattifying primer underneath your foundation through your T Zone, and apply an extra layer of translucent setting powder to your forehead and nose before heading to the church.
If you tend to get oily/shiny across your forehead and nose, use blotting papers before you get out of the car.
I give my brides Tatcha Aburatorigami blotting papers. They are beautiful and luxurious and work brilliantly.

3. Be Aware Of The Lip.

You can glossy-up your lip after the ceremony, but for the time the veil will be over your face stay away from a high sheen lip. Opt instead for something in a matte or soft satin finish that won’t grab onto the veil and make a mess both on the veil, and as a consequence, on your mouth. If you’ve ever dealt with wind whipping strands of your hair onto your lip and then onto your face you will know what I’m talking about! 
As you walk your veil will move and flutter a little, so you need to make sure you wont have a problem if it does touch your mouth as you move.
One lip trick that I love when my bride is wearing a blusher veil is to use a deeper toned stain on the lip. It makes a beautiful statement and looks looks stunning though the veil, and it’s safe for him to kiss without worrying that he will end up wearing it.

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