The Best Bronzer, The Perfect Eyeshadow Palette, New Liquid Lips and W Magazine ~ Happy Sunday

 So this was my morning.

W magazine, an espresso, and a quick look at some new makeup that arrived last week.


I love W Magazine. They get so out of the box with their editorials, it’s endlessly inspiring.

There were some teens on the cover, who I have exactly zero interest in, but the first thing I do anyway when I open W is go to Gio’s Journal. Fashion editor Giovanna Battaglia is one of my favorite people. 

Her life looks so glamorous, and to me she represents the epitome of confidence in a woman.

Check out these gorgeous pictures of Gio and a post on how to look and feel confident

One of my friends was showing me the “best bronzer ever!!” the other day. I actually really loved the color and the texture, and needed a new bonzer so I was all ready to hit the mall or Sephora or wherever and grab one. Then she told me it was 
Miami Glow Bronzer from Motives.

I generally run a mile when I hear anything is from a multi level marketing company. Not because the product isn’t any good, but because the distributors hound you to death to buy more things or sign up under them when all you want is one product. It drives me half out of my mind! 
I don’t know much about Motives, but from what I understand they don’t manufacture their own makeup products, instead pull from private labels and other manufacturers. You can find a distributor anywhere, but if you are like me and hate it when people try to recruit you, you can use this affiliate link to get the Miami Glow Bronzer.

While getting the bronzer I was shown (of course) some eye shadow palettes. I bought this one primarily for travel but I think I will end up using it daily because the color selection is so good. It has 5 matte neutral shades along the top and 5 neutral shimmer shades along the bottom. 


This palette (the Demure palette) is like the little black dress or the killer black pants of your makeup wardrobe. These are the essentials that are the backbone of your wardrobe, or in this case your makeup case. Most eye shadow palettes give you a few good shades and pad it out with others you will never use, but the colors and textures in this palette are awesome. If you don’t want to buy from a distributor here is an affilate link for the Demure Palette

Disclaimer: I am not a Motives distributor and have no intention of ever becoming one. These links are via blogger affiliate marketing. Please do not try and recruit me to this or any other MLM


I’m also excited about right now about these Phyto Pigment Liquid Lips from Juice Beauty. You may have heard about the Juice Beauty – Gwyneth Paltrow connection. She is the Creative Director of their makeup line. (You can read about it here.)
The Liquid Lip colors are all named after Gwyneth’s peeps, fro her mother Blythe, to her friends such as Reese and Cameron to her daughter Apple.

Juice Beauty makeup skin care and hair care products are all organic and start from a base of organic botanical juice.

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