How To Get Gorgeous, Glowing Spring Skin

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This weekend I did makeup for 3 weddings, each of which had the entire wedding party flying in from the East Coast and the Mid West.
For my non-American readers this means that they came to sunny Phoenix, where it has been spring since about January, from places that are still cold, some of which also still have snow.
( I would die. Cold weather is not for me!)

All of them were battling the end of winter skin – you know, that dull, thick textured, rough skin we all end up with at the end of winter, and each of them wanted west coast, off-to-Coachella skin.

 I gave them 5 tips to transform their dull winter complexions into gorgeous, glowing spring skin.

How To Get Gorgeous, Glowing Spring Skin

1. Change up your cleanser.

Often that dry, sensitive, stripped looking skin comes from using the wrong type of cleanser. Try a gentle cleansing milk or an oil cleanser instead.

2. Don’t Exfoliate!

Don’t exfoliate with a scrub. I always think that scrubs keep scratching the baby skin underneath, perpetuating the cycle of rough skin. 


You need to remove that dull, dead surface on the skin to let your glowy spring skin show through, so instead of a scrub try an enzyme mask. I buy mine but I have friends who mash up papaya and spread it on their faces for a homemade, organic enzyme treatment. Papaya has all kinds of wonderful skin benefits (it works wonders on sunburn!) and is also super soothing on irritated skin.

3. Give Your Skin A Boost

Add in a serum, a facial oil, a vitamin c boost – something that addresses your skin’s concerns. Facial oils are amazing for dry skins, dry finish facial oils are fabulous for all.
Vitamin C is full of free radical fighting anti oxidants and is wonderful for all skin types.

4. Use A Facial SPF

Even though it’s not mid summer you still need to use a facial SPF every day. Don’t just think about the UVB burning rays, you also need to stay ahead of the UVA aging rays! The SPF in your moisturizer or your foundation doesn’t count because there is no way you’ll put on enough to give you the sun protection coverage that you need. 
Use a dry finish SPF so that your complexion doesn’t look greasy, and so that makeup will stay on and not slide away.
More companies (even Dollar Shave Club!) are now getting on board with the concept of a free standing facial SPF. Dollar Shave Club even did a great article on 5 Ways The Sun Is Affecting You Even When You Think It Isn’t

5. Fake It.

Get the new season’s glow by using a natural looking facial self tanner to slowly add in a little color, or by adding a gel bronzer.
Just a little at a time, add in a little color to give yourself a spring glow.

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