Capri With Ouidad

Oh Capri.
So incredibly beautiful!
I took my 2 most recent Glam Italia tours to frolic glamorously on the most chic island in the Mediterranean (and maybe the world?).

view from the boat off the coast of Capri

I chartered a private boat to take us on a half day tour around the island, with multiple stops to swim in the sapphire blue waters off the coast of Capri. 

girls reclining glamorously on a boat named the Sophia Loren

of the coast of Capri…

Really I should dedicate an entire post to the hott-ness and total fun that was Captain Paolo, but I’m sure that would embarrass him, so I won’t.

Captain Paolo after a quick rain. Honestly,  I’ve had worse days :))

Baring in mind that  there was much glamour to follow, I normally would have either been stressed out about getting my hair wet and the total frizz induced fiasco that would have followed, or I might have skipped swimming. ( Which would have been completely lame.)

Those of you who aren’t Jennifer Aniston might understand the problem. You see I never emerge from the sea and get hair that is glorious with beachy waves.
I get frizzy, dull, completely trashed looking hair that I liken to a home perm that has gone terribly wrong. It’s quite mortifying.

This trip though I came armed with the good stuff, in the form of Ouidad travel sized magic potions. I brought the travel sized Curl Essentials Trial Set with me.

My hairdresser (to whom I give all the credit) set me up with 3 products guaranteed to bring out the curl and amp up the shine.

The first is the Moisture Lock Leave In Conditioner that you put through your hair before going in the water. 

Pre-swim conditioner. Note the limoncello glasses on the floor of the boat!

It both protects your hair and keeps it soft rather than ocean-brittle, but also moisturizes from the inside out, which is a key part of creating perfect curls post-swim. For those of you with color treated hair it adds an extra layer of protection.
(I should add here that my Glam Italia Tour travelers who have straight hair used it too, and post swim had gorgeous, glossy locks.)

Once out of the water and towel dried you use the Climate Control Heat and Humidity Gel. There is a trick to this. She told me to rake the gel through my hair with my fingers, and then hold the ends and shake them, literally shaking the curl into your hair. 
It sounds like much more drama than it actually is – because its no drama at all. The whole “rake and shake” deal is actually doubly brilliant because it helps dry your hair more quickly too.

The last part of the equation for me was spritzing a little Botanical Boost Refreshing Spray into my hair once it was dry. (I used it the next day too to refresh the curl a little.)

The sun setting on Capri and my beachy hair!

I loved my Ouidad hair!

That night went on into the wee hours, and my hair instead of turning into a static-y frizz ball stayed wavy-curly and shiny all night long. Allowing for the fact that it took approximately 2 minutes of my time to do while flirting madly with Captain Paolo, I was thrilled to pieces!

I don’t think I will bother any more with blow-drying and doing the do when I travel. In fact post Capri the remainder of my time in Italy was with Ouidad hair, which was a first for me! I normally waste time smoothing my hair when I’m traveling.

The only down side to my Ouidad story is that on the way back to the US I flew through London Heathrow airport with my travel sized Ouidad products in my carry on luggage, and along with my Tatcha skin care products and a bunch of makeup products they were confiscated. It was super annoying, but on the bright side they were only travel sized so won’t be expensive to replace.

Read about why I wont use Heathrow Airport here.

You can order Ouidad products here.  


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