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Single Female Traveler?  Things you should know when you are traveling by yourself!

When traveling by yourself you should be always take into consideration your safety and security.  In this day and age business travelers are no longer just male travelers, females acount for 43% of business travelers.  Hotels and Airlines are now forced to make sure they offer the safety and security of all guest and cater to everyone’s needs.  Below find tips on things you should do prior to taking a trip/vacation by yourself:

Get to know your destination

*Google your destination.  Find out the pros and cons of what occurs in the local community nearby your hotel.  If you read about negative or bad opportunities that have occured recently near your hotel; I would recommend that you change your accommodations.

*If you found that your hotel is located in a non-reputable community or a community that you would not feel comfortable jogging down the street with your IPOD then I would recommend to change your hotel accomodations.

*Go on – read the testimonies from other travelers who were passionate about their stay and left an honest review.  Only judge a hotel when you see alot of current reviews that show a pattern of bad service, product or unique occurences.  Some incidents that you should pay attention to: bed bugs, lice, theft, harassment, auto theft, identity theft.  When you see reviews about those types of incidents you have a right as a consumer to call the hotel and question them about it (prior to booking that hotel)!

*City Search-go online find out what there is to do in that community.  Read the reviews from patrons.

*Four Square-many people hate it BUT there are more people who LOVE it. Read the reviews for your destination, hotel, restaurant, activities, etc…  These reviews are FRESH, HOT and HONEST reviews or tips.  The average person on Four Square will leave the tip or review during their transaction.  You will be able to see if you should truelly avoid that restaurant or perhaps not drive through that unsafe community.

Investigate where your staying

*Does the hotel have exterior corridors?

*Is the parking lot enclosed?  Is it a well lit parking lot?  Do you offer valet service?

*Does your hotel room door have double locks? Or a safety lock feature?

*Investigate any negative reviews about safety on TripAdvisor with the hotel management team.  Call or email them directly from their brand website.

*Stay away from hotels that are located right off the freeway.  They attract transit guest with no loyalty to the hotel, area or the community.  Hotels that are off the freeway also attract sex and drug trades in the sleeping rooms.  This is a bad environment for any female traveling alone.

*If the hotel has exterior corridors-Ask if you are arriving late do they provide an escort to your room?  And do they have overnight security?

Upon Check-In at your destination

*Upon check-in make sure you take note of all emergency exits for the building.

*Ask them if they have a Manager on Duty.  This is the person you would contact if anything should occur during your stay.

*In the restaurant/bar never leave your food or beverage unattended if your eating alone!  Most restaurants will cover your food if you walk away and almost all non-alcholic beverages have free refills.  If you have to leave your drink ask for a refill in a new glass.

*If you are charging anything to your room DO NOT SAY YOUR ROOM NUMBER out loud.  You can right it down or right it on your official reciept.

*Every time you leave your room.  Make sure the door closes shut.  Try the knob to ensure it has locked itself completely.

Don’t hesitate to ask questions!  Remember as the traveler you have a right to know.  Most hotels have a safety/security plan in place but sometimes it is good to know that all employees are aware of this program.  It brings a sense of security to each individual checking in.  Remember when planning Girlfriend getaway trips-same rules apply!  Have fun!

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