Reves De Sabine

I have discovered the most fabulous new line of all natural face, body and hair products, called Reves de Sabine (Sabine’s Dreams).

Sabine lives in Ventura, where she handcrafts her products from the finest natural and organic ingredients. No parabens, no synthetics, no animal testing.  Even her packaging is earth friendly and recycleable.
But these aren’t your average handmade products. They are sensational. Sabine’s inspiration for these products came from years of summers spent with her family in the Balearic Islands off the coast of Spain, where life was simple
 and beautiful. You can read about it here

Love and poppies! Reves de Sabine

I was super excited when I received mine. The packaging is gorgeous! Don’t you think that any of these pieces would make a beautiful gift? Perfect for end of year and business gift giving. (I’m giving these beautiful bath and body oils this year!)
I love the poppy detail – it felt like I was opening a present! I actually kept them on my bathroom counter unopened for several days just because they looked so beautiful.


I’m kind of obsessing over the bath and body oils. This past weekend I had a photoshoot outdoors in 115 degree heat. By the time I got home I just felt like hell, so after a swim and a long shower I put on the Bliss body oil. It was so fabulous – not only was it super soothing and nourishing to skin that had been outdoors in insane heat, but it’s aromatherapeutic benefits were wonderful too. Calming, refreshing and chill. I just love it!


Reves de Sabine has gorgeous body products. I have the foot scrub and foot balm ( I wear sandals all the time so love these products to keep feet smooth and moisturized), body balm, hair elixir, deliciously flavored lip balms and a lovely face and neck serum.

Reves-de-Sabine-lip balm and face and neck serum
eves de Sabine Hair Elixir

Sabine’s packing says Handmade With Love In Ventura. Everything about these beautiful products indicates that they absolutely are made with love.

Spoil yourself with a set of Reves de Sabine products. They are not at all expensive, so you can get yourself several, if not the entire set! 

Stock up on them too for gifts – receiving a poppy wrapped bottle of body oil is just divine is it makes a very chic gift.

You can find Reves De Sabine online at Sabine’s website here or at her Etsy Store here

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