5 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Travels

Right now I’m in Italy leading another group of ladies on their Glam Italia Tour. 

Are you following along on Instagram?? Check the trip out and follow me @Corinnamakeup. Today we are back in Rome, the eternal city (and my imaginary second home!)

I’m going to pot some of the goings on when I get back home, but in the meantime I found this fabulous post on Bloglovin to keep you in the traveler frame of mind.

And by the way this article is my absolute travel mantra! These are the 5 principals I live by when I’m traveling. This article was written by Darje Karstens


Image via Park & Cube. (Seriously check the link and look at the beautiful post it’s from!)

Go Solo

Being alone for a while gives you a chance to take control of your trip and experience a whole new level of self consciousness. You might first think you need some company, but after a while you’ll learn that just yourself is enough. By experiencing new things on your own, you’ll grow and become more open-minded.

Interact With Locals

Talking to strangers might be a challenge for some people, but on vacation you have so many more reasons to start a conversation. Ask questions about your destination, food, customs, and everything else you’re curious about.

Get Involved

This means saying yes to new opportunities and keeping your eyes open for great things happening around you. Do not wait until things happen to you, make them happen; go to a club, a restaurant alone, or ask others for their plans for the evening – you might even make some friends along the way!

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Walk Everywhere

You may never leave your comfort zone if you fear finding a way by yourself. By foot, you will pass tons of places you wouldn’t have seen by train or cab. Make the most of your trip and get your daily steps in the process!

Communicate In The Local Language

Even if you only know basic words in the local language, at least try to order your food, ask for directions, or even do your own bartering. If you’re not good at it, you’ll at least have some laughs with the communicating partner – maybe he or she will even teach you some new vocabulary!

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