Mother’s Day Gift Ideas ~ Copper Sleep Mask

Here are two totally fabulous Mother’s Day gift ideas that you can order from and receive in time for Mother’s Day.

Silk Pillowcase and Copper Silk Sleepmask

If mom has any travel in the near future, or if she just wants to luxuriate in bed and not only get a great night’s sleep but give herself a mini facial while she is at it then you need to know about these 2 items.

I found out about copper sleep masks when Gwyneth Paltrow was talking about their benefits. Sleep masks infused with copper have been shown to reduce puffiness, reduce the signs of fine lines and wrinkles and make your eyes looked refreshed.

copper and silk sleep mask

I ordered this Mulberry silk and copper ion sleep mask to travel with this summer, but after reading all the benefits of using it I’m going to start using it now! The packaging of this sleep mask is lovely too, and makes it a gorgeous gift.

sleep fountain copper sleep mask

I found it very affordably on

Mulberry 100% Pure Silk Pillowcase

I wrote about traveling with a Mulberry 100% Pure Silk Pillowcase a few weeks ago, and in fact I just ordered and received a new one for my Glam Italia Tours this May/June.

Read original blog post here

I like to have one for home and another to travel with. I was excited to hear from so many readers who ordered them and loved them! The huge benefits of sleeping on a pure silk pillowcase include stopping the skin on your face from creasing and stopping your hair from getting all mussed up. Basically you can extend the life of a blowout by sleeping on silk pillowcases. And I don’t know anyone who wants to shorten the life of a blowout! You see a difference the very first night you sleep on one.

Normally both these items are quite expensive and may make you think twice about using them, but both of these are available on very affordably. I think my sleeping mask cost $27 and the pillowcase is $22. They make an absolutely gorgeous Mother’s Day gift as well as a lovely gift to yourself!


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