7 Travel Accessories You Can’t Leave Without

I love reading travel posts and travel blogs.

This one came to my inbox from the Hertz.com travel blog. (I actually do all my international car rentals with Hertz, but I don’t have any affiliate links or sponsorship with them.)

I was pretty happy to see that I already have, and always travel with, all 7 items that Hertz has on their list! I bought all of mine either at The Container Store or at Target, so have included links to all the products in the list below.

I recently wrote a post titled What You Need To Know About Renting Cars In Europe  that is full of tips and tricks that I swear by when I rent cars overseas. I’m sure you will find it useful!

7 Travel Accessories You Can’t leave Home Without.

essential travel accessories

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Whether you’re embarking on a two-day business trip or a weeklong vacation, you want a smooth, enjoyable trip. Efficient travel planning requires ingenuity as well as organization. To arrive at your destination relaxed, rested, and with your belongings intact, don’t leave home without these handy travel accessories:

Packing Cubes

Packing cubes neatly compress clothing and allow you to fit more in a compact space. The fabric cubes protect garments from wrinkles, and those with mesh make it easy to see the contents. Use them for socks, undergarments, accessories, summer tops, and more.

Try Eagle Creek Packing Cubes, available online at The Container Store

Eagle Creek Packing Cubes

Compact Toiletry Bag

Stop stuffing personal items into zippered bags that easily puncture and split. A compact toiletry bag is more durable than a sandwich bag and far more stylish, and the zippered closure prevents accidental spills in transit that could ruin freshly packed clothes. Look for a TSA-approved, clear, quart-size travel bag to minimize airline fuss.

The image below contains toiletry bags available online at The Container Store

Travel Toiletry Bags

Elastic Laces

If you travel in comfortable sneakers, save precious time in TSA security lines by using elastic laces. Most brands use a plastic enclosure at the tongue that locks laces in place, and shoes slip easily on and off without tying and untying. Travelers standing behind you in line will thank you.

Noise-Canceling Headphones

Even when you’re exhausted, circumstances aren’t always ideal for sleep. Deal with noise issues by investing in top-of-the-line headphones with excellent noise-canceling features. SonyBose, and other companies make both wired and Bluetooth versions. If you don’t need total silence, less expensive earbuds block lower levels of background noise. Pair headphones with a good set of earplugs for maximum quiet.

Find a selection of Noise Cancelling Headphones online at Target.com

noise cancelling headphones

image courtesy of Target.com

Compression Socks

For long drives and flights, compression socks ensure you arrive at your destination with fresh legs. These socks increase lower leg circulation, minimizing swelling and the risk of deep vein thrombosis (DVT). Even with compression socks, occasional standing is important on long trips. Moving and stretching keeps the blood flowing. You can find a great selection of travel compression socks online at The Container Store.com

Read about compression socks and Deep vein Thrombosis here

RFID Protection Wallet

Embedded in your passport and credit cards, an RFID chip transmits information wirelessly. Scammers with RFID readers swipe personal information from unsuspecting victims while standing or walking next to them. To protect yourself from identity theft, invest in an RFID protection wallet that prevents criminals from snagging your personal data. RFID Blacking Protection wallets, credit card sleeves, passport covers and travel accessories are available online at The Container Store.

High-speed Car Charger

Don’t fight over the power socket when you’re on the road. Charge numerous devices with a multiport car charger. Universal USB and other multiport chargers host up to five devices at once. Charge your phone, your daughter’s iPad, and your son’s MP3 player all at the same time. Check out   online at The Container Store.com

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