Zoe Report Winter 2017 Box Of Style

Zoe Report Winter Box Of Style

The Zoe Report Winter Box of Style is always the best Box of Style of the year.

If you are unfamiliar with the Zoe Report Box of Style, it is a selection of essential items for the season ahead, curated by uber stylist Rachel Zoe. The Box of STyle comes out at the beginning of each season. Each box contains $400 of fashion and beauty items, delivered to your door for only $99.99. Less if you know someone with a discount code – like the Corinna B’s World blog! (There is a link and a discount code below)

wineter box of style

Normally mine arrives while I am out of town, so I save it for Christmas Day and open it as if it were a box of Christmas gifts, which in a way it is. From me, to me!

The box itself has a magnetic flap lid and each item inside is individually wrapped and beautifully presented, so regardless of when you open it it feels like Christmas.

Winter 2017 Box of Style

There is something so incredibly glamorous about winter, and the winter Box of Style picks up on this and never ever disappoints. As a rule I don’t cheat and don’t look at the videos and all the Instagram action to see whats inside the Box of Style before it arrives, but this time curiosity got the best of me and I just had to know!

Spoiler Alert – if you want your Zoe Report Box of Style to be a surprise, then use this link and the discount code WINTER30  to save $30 on your first Box Of Style, and don’t read any further. This discount code will get you this fabulous $400 box of Style for only $69.99.

If you do want a peek at all of the glam, read on.

Here is Rachel Zoe herself, introducing you to the Zoe Report Winter 2017 Box of Style

I am especially excited about the Unreal Fur Faux Fur Stole and the House of Harlow 1960 Mesa Earrings. Can you even handle how glamorous they are??? I am praying my Box of Style arrives before I go to Europe!!

Winter is so harsh and drying on your skin, you really do need to add in a facial oil. I am excited to try the Osea Hydrating Facial Oil.

The most fabulous makeup look for winter is a sleek little cat eye paired with a red lip. The Tarte Sex Kitten Liquid Liner Pen makes creating the perfect little flick super easy.

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This year I went back to using a regular day planner. I still have my calendar on my phone and my computer, but I prefer writing things down, being able to look at my week at a glance, being able to write notes to myself – somehow it’s just mentally easier, especially when you are super busy. The Winter 2017 Box of Style has a beautiful Day Planner from Sugar Paper, which not only helps you stay organized, but looks incredibly fabulous on your desk.

Last but by no means least the Winter 2017 Box of Style also has a very chic box clutch designed by Rachel Zoe herself exclusively for the Box of Style.

box of style box clutch

Could this season possibly be more chic or more glamorous??

I can’t wait to get mine!!

Here is your link. Use the code WINTER30 at checkout to get your $30 discount!

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Zoe Report Box Of Style Discount Code Extended!

I just found out the the Zoe Report Box of Style discount codes that I posted last month have been extended through the end of April!

If you have been following this blog for a while then you already know how excited I get when my Box of Style arrives.

Zoe Report Box Of Style

Rachel Zoe, longtime personal stylist to Hollywood royalty, and her incredible team curate a box at the beginning of each season. The Box of Style contains key fashion elements that you need to be super stylish for the season ahead. The Spring 2017 Box Of Style was extra special because each item came from companies owned and run by women, several of which provide work and a decent, livable income to women in third world and developing countries, who would otherwise be living in poverty or be forced to work in the sex trade. You can read about it here.

The Zoe Report Box Of Style costs $100 and gives you $400 worth of merchandise. The first item I opened in the Spring 2017 Box Of Style was a full sized container of Japanese Luxury brand Tatcha‘s Gentle exfoliating Rice Enzyme Powder. it has a retail value of $65!

I have been a huge Tatcha fan for several years now, and always travel with their sensational skin care products.

If you enter the discount code BOSSP10 at checkout you will get $10 off the price of the Spring 2017 Box of Style until the end of April. If you want to subscribe for a year of Box of Style use the code BOSSP20 and receive a $20 discount. Unfortunately for me I signed up a couple of years ago so can’t take advantage of the discounts!

At the end of April the discounts will disappear, so take advantage of them before it’s too late!

Sprig 2017 Zoe Report Box Of Style Review

You can read my review of the Spring 2017 Zoe Report Box Of Style here

The Zoe Report Box Of Style Spring 2017 Review

I absolutely love the Zoe Report Box Of Style.

Zoe Report Box Of Style


I’ve been getting it since nearly the beginning – I missed the first two boxes of style. I actually found out about it because I had googled the best cross body handbag for summer and up came this amazing white leather cross body bag that was just perfect. It was amazing. And it was in the Zoe Report Box Of Style, which of course was completely sold out.

I didn’t want to miss out on anything so cool again, so I got myself a subscription. The Box of Style comes out at the beginning of each season, and is filled with key items that you need for a season of chic, all curated by Rachel Zoe and her team of experts. The box has a value of $400+ but only costs $99.99. Each season has a “hero” product that is worth a minimum of $100, but typically seems to be worth more. (This season’s Box Of Style Hero item is valued at $238). It does sell out each season, but now Rachel Zoe makes some extra, so if you are quick you can probably still get one.

Zoe Report Box Of Style

Hello Gorgeous!

I have this theory that as women we work so damn hard, have so many pressures on us from work, running our homes and families all while trying to stay fit and healthy (and sane). I live my life perpetually exhausted. And I seldom take time out for myself or buy myself special things, so when my Box Of style arrives it is a really big deal! It feels like a reward. I love opening it. I love exploring all the fabulous things inside. My friends always ask me about it, and tell me to write a blog post about it, so this time I took photos and am sharing the Box of Style with you.

Zoe Reort Box Of Style Spring 2017

The Spring 2017 Zoe Report Box Of Style

Post Contains Affiliate Links

This one is extra special because each item comes from female-founded brands.

Tribe Alive Custom Carryall Retail Value $238

Tribe Alive Zoe Report

Handwoven in India with leather handles and cross body shoulder strap. Fabulous.

This bag was made exclusively for the Zoe Report Box Of Style by Tribe Alive, a company that empowers women from India, Guatemala, Haiti and Honduras to rise above poverty in a safe environment, hand-making products with fair trade wages. Read more about Tribe Alive here

Adornmonde Ivo Earrings Retail Value $62

Zoe Report Adornmonde

You can choose these earrings which are  modern take on the hoop, in either silver or gold (I chose silver). They are extra cool because you can separate them and wear them as bars, or as paired bars and hoops. Super chic.

Symbology Scarf Retail Value $50

Zoe Report Symbology

I never used to wear scarves, but now that I spend so much time in Europe, where the scarf is part of the daily uniform, I wear them all the time. This one from Symbology is another exclusive collaboration with Zoe Report. Symbology teams up with women in India and Palestine, preserving their cultural art forms from Indian block printing to Palestinian weaving, while creating fashion forward items.

The women are paid fair trade wages, enabling them to provide for their families while working in a safe environment. Check out this video about the company, and read more about them here



Tatcha Polished Gentle Rice Enzyme Powder Retail Value $65

Tatcha Powder Exfoliator

I died opening this one! I have loved Tatcha products for years. I have written about the company and their products more than any other, because they are so special, and I love them SO much. Tatcha’s founder Victoria Tsai studied Geisha beauty rituals and replicated them in these incredible, high performance products. This one lets you remove winter’s dull residue from your complexion ever so gently, and lets your spring skin shine through. You will love this! And to make it better, it’s full size – the box of style doesn’t do trial size. See more about Tatcha here.

BKR Glass and Silicone Water Bottle Retail Value $35

BKR Glass and Silicone Water Bottle

This is the antidote to the cheap plastic bottle. No evil chemicals can leach into your water when you use this stylish bottle, and the silicone sleeve insulates and protects the bottle inside. Using the BKR refillable water bottle reduces the insane waste of disposable plastic bottles in landfills and oceans. Love it!

Butter London Nail Polish in Piece of Cake $18

Butter London Nail Polish

I was reading that Butter London is the first company to make healthy nail lacquer. Who knew? All I know is that their products are fabulous, and after a long winter wearing heavy deep dark colors it is so refreshing to wear this gorgeous twist on a light, spring neutral.

Bonus product:

The Stella Artois Chalice (Buy A Lady A Drink)

Stella Artois and Water.org have collaborated here to Buy A Lady A Drink. 663 million people around the world lack access to safe water, a problem that disproportionately affects women because they are the ones spending millions of hours collectively per day, collecting water for their families.

Stella Artois and Water.org have partnered with this chalice to help give some of that time back. Each chalice sold provides 5 years of clean water for 1 person in the developing world. Read about it here.

In case there are still Boxes of Style available, use the promo Code BOSSP10 to get $10 off the Spring 2017 Box, and BOSSP20 for $20 off an annual subscription.

You can order or subscribe to the Zoe Report Box Of Style here. See previous boxes of style or get more information here.

Zoe Report Box Of Style Spring 2017

Spring 2017 Box Of Style