Zoe Report Winter 2017 Box Of Style

Zoe Report Winter Box Of Style

The Zoe Report Winter Box of Style is always the best Box of Style of the year.

If you are unfamiliar with the Zoe Report Box of Style, it is a selection of essential items for the season ahead, curated by uber stylist Rachel Zoe. The Box of STyle comes out at the beginning of each season. Each box contains $400 of fashion and beauty items, delivered to your door for only $99.99. Less if you know someone with a discount code – like the Corinna B’s World blog! (There is a link and a discount code below)

wineter box of style

Normally mine arrives while I am out of town, so I save it for Christmas Day and open it as if it were a box of Christmas gifts, which in a way it is. From me, to me!

The box itself has a magnetic flap lid and each item inside is individually wrapped and beautifully presented, so regardless of when you open it it feels like Christmas.

Winter 2017 Box of Style

There is something so incredibly glamorous about winter, and the winter Box of Style picks up on this and never ever disappoints. As a rule I don’t cheat and don’t look at the videos and all the Instagram action to see whats inside the Box of Style before it arrives, but this time curiosity got the best of me and I just had to know!

Spoiler Alert – if you want your Zoe Report Box of Style to be a surprise, then use this link and the discount code WINTER30  to save $30 on your first Box Of Style, and don’t read any further. This discount code will get you this fabulous $400 box of Style for only $69.99.

If you do want a peek at all of the glam, read on.

Here is Rachel Zoe herself, introducing you to the Zoe Report Winter 2017 Box of Style

I am especially excited about the Unreal Fur Faux Fur Stole and the House of Harlow 1960 Mesa Earrings. Can you even handle how glamorous they are??? I am praying my Box of Style arrives before I go to Europe!!

Winter is so harsh and drying on your skin, you really do need to add in a facial oil. I am excited to try the Osea Hydrating Facial Oil.

The most fabulous makeup look for winter is a sleek little cat eye paired with a red lip. The Tarte Sex Kitten Liquid Liner Pen makes creating the perfect little flick super easy.

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This year I went back to using a regular day planner. I still have my calendar on my phone and my computer, but I prefer writing things down, being able to look at my week at a glance, being able to write notes to myself – somehow it’s just mentally easier, especially when you are super busy. The Winter 2017 Box of Style has a beautiful Day Planner from Sugar Paper, which not only helps you stay organized, but looks incredibly fabulous on your desk.

Last but by no means least the Winter 2017 Box of Style also has a very chic box clutch designed by Rachel Zoe herself exclusively for the Box of Style.

box of style box clutch

Could this season possibly be more chic or more glamorous??

I can’t wait to get mine!!

Here is your link. Use the code WINTER30 at checkout to get your $30 discount!

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