Post – Summer Hair Fixes

By the time a long, fun summer comes to an end your hair is thrashed.

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Sun, surf, and chlorine all do their damage to your hair. Perspiration through your scalp, dry shampoos and all the products you use in your hair can gunk up your scalp. The combination of these things can leave you with dull, damaged, color challenged hair, so in order for your hair to look luscious for fall it’s time to the following four steps:


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1 Microderm Your Scalp

My hair dresser turned me onto this and it is one of the best hair tricks I have ever learned. Just as the skin on your body and on your face need exfoliating, so does your scalp. When your scalp gets a build up of products and dead skin and sebum it can start closing over the follicle, and hair gets thinner and loses its luster.

Using a microdermabrasion treatment at the end of summer clears your scalp and makes way for your hair to grow thick and shiny.

It’s a great thing to do pre having your hair colored, and my hairdresser has me do it at the end of each season. You won’t believe the difference in your hair and how bouncy it gets after one of these treatments!

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I use Nioxin Scalp Renew Dermabrasion Treatment. I order it on Amazon.

2. Get Cut.

When summer is over it’s time to get a really good cut. 

Refresh your shape, get rid of damaged, split ends and get some new movement in your hair for a fabulous fall look.

3. Masque It.

Summer dehydrates your hair. It losses its luster, gets lank and dull and gets dry dry dry. Show your locks the love by using deep conditioning treatments and masks. My hairdresser makes me use a heavy duty conditioning treatment every time I shampoo, but you may want to do it every couple of weeks or so.

Masque for Beautiful Color 6fl.oz, , large

When I want to spoil myself I use Oribe’s incredible Masque For Beautiful Hair available at Space NK

I use lots of Bumble and Bumble products, including their Mending Mask.

I also love Moroccan Oil Intense Hydration Mask. Not only does it make your hair feel beautiful, it smells divine too!

4. Color It.

As fall approaches it’s time to change up your color. Ashy, white and platinum blondes need to soften down to soft beige blondes, brunettes can add in a little warmth. Maybe you want some balayage, maybe you want a major change, or maybe just a little toning. Regardless, it’s time to work your color!

Summer Beauty Essentials – 8 Must Have Hair Products


If someone gave you a truly fantastic trip out of the blue, for say, next week, would you be ready to jump on a plane and go?
I have spent my entire adult life ready to take that flight.

And funnily enough when you are ready to board a flight at a moment’s notice all kinds of fantastic opportunities find their way to you. 
Whether it’s flying to the Caribbean to shoot workout videos, meeting a family member in Europe, accompanying a client to Cabo or Turks and Caicos or just heading out on vacation somewhere fabulous, I am convinced trips come my way because I am always ready to go.

Part of always being ready to go is having all my travel beauty essentials packed and waiting for that next trip. Thanks to the security folks at London’s Heathrow airport confiscating the bulk of my travel beauty products, the same products packed in the same clear plastic travel bags that have made their way round and round the world more times than I care to count, I now have to make a list and re-buy it all.

Luckily most of my hair products were packed in my suitcase.

My list of travel beauty essentials doubles up as a list of summer beauty essentials, today we are looking at summer travel hair care:

Summer Beauty Essentials ~ 8 Must Have Hair Products


Rahua Voluminous Shampoo and Rahua Voluminous Conditioner
I love these two because they are 100% organic, make your hair bouncy and shiny, and lets face it who doesn’t want added volume??

The Ouidid Curl Essentials Trial Set $36 Embrace your curls! This is the greatest thing ever for bringing out the best in your curly or wavy hair. This was my first trip letting my hair go curly, and I had been obsessively obsessing over these products, right up until they got confiscated. I tried t pick up another set at Naimies in L.A. on my way home, but they were out of stock, so I am re-ordering them online this week.

Oribe Travel Sized Gold Lust Oil $37
This lightweight yet luxurious hair oil smoothes,adds glorious shine and is the perfect antidote to a day at the beach. It has a gold fleck in it that keeps your hair looking luscious. I’ve traveled with it for years – partly because it is super concentrated and lasts for a really long time! You absolutely cannot beat the smell of Oribe products either.

Glossy hair in Siena, on the Glam Italia Tour

Bumble And Bumble Thickening Spray
My hairdresser just turned me on to this one a few months ago. Even though I have more hair than the next three people all put together, I use this to create volume at the root when I’m blow-drying my hair smooth. It also helps you to get more mileage out of your blowout.

Oribe Travel Sized Style Cream
For luxuriously smooth hair that bounces when you walk and smells like heaven.

Oribe Cote d’Azur Hair Refresher
Spritz a little of this magic spray through your mane any time you want your hair to be refreshed and smell like heaven. This one is a must after a long flight, when everyone’s hair smells gross!

Bumble and Bumble Surf Infusion
If you are going for beachy waves and don’t have to fight curly, frizzy hair, channel your inner Aniston with Bumble’s Surf Infusion.

How To Avoid Hat Hair This Summer

image by Kelly Capelli
makeup by Corinna Cooke

If I so much as put a hat on for 60 seconds my hair is trashed for the rest of the day.
It drives me insane.
And it can be a real problem during the summer, especially on vacation, when you’ve been out and about in the sun all day with your fabulous hat on, and now everyone is going to lunch/dinner/drinks/or some other place where you either can’t have your hat on or will look stupid with your hat on.

So what is a girl supposed to do?

 Tips For How To Avoid Hat Hair This Summer.

Start by choosing a hat that fits your head, is not fitting too tightly anywhere, and that is made of quality, light materials. This will help your hair to breathe beneath the hat.

1. Pull your hair back into a low pony or low braids and wear your hat loose.

2. Don’t put your hat on over wet hair.

3. Fold a bandana or scarf flat and place the non seamed side against your forehead, tying it above your ears. Let your hat sit against the scarf, stopping your hat from leaving indentations against your forehead.

4. Fold a silk scarf into a large triangle and place the longest edge against your forehead, the V over your head, tying the two corners behind your head. Let your hat sit loosely on top.

5. If you wear your hair in a part, direct it in the opposite direction before you put your hat on. When you take your hat back off flip your hair back to it’s normal side you will have created volume!

6. If you can avoid getting an indentation on your forehead, when you are done wearing your hat spray some dry shampoo (I use Klorane) into the roots of your hair, letting it sit for three minutes. Fluff your hair with your fingers,
spritz the mid-lengths and ends with Ouidad Botanical Boost Curl Energizing and Refreshing Spray 

ouidad-botanical spray

for curls or glossy hair, or Bumble and Bumble Surf Infusion for beachy waves, then clip or tie hair into a high pony.