6 Steps To Flat Out Fabulous ( In 6 Minutes)


Have you ever had to pull it together in just a few minutes, and sail out the door looking fabulous?
It’s happened to me twice in the past couple of weeks. I don’t like to be hurried, but I also have absolutely no intention of showing up anywhere looking like something the cat dragged in.
So if you are in a hurry and need to look pulled together fast, here’s how to do it.

6 Steps To Flat Out Fabulous (In 6 Minutes!)

1. Your Hair
A high pony takes less than a minute to create, yet looks totally put together.


I always want to do a pony that’s back combed and full, but I seldom have the time.


Okay, now that the hair is out of the way it’s time to get down to business.

2. Your Complexion
The most important part of your makeup is your complexion.
No matter how killer you are at a smoky eye, if your skin looks less than amazing, you have nothing.
I like to use a silicone based foundation like Makeup Forever Ultra HD Foundation, so that the skin has a healthy glow to it. Makeup Forever is so pigmented that you can get gorgeous coverage while still keeping the foundation super sheer. I apply it with a duo fiber brush so that I can make it disappear into the skin.
If the person standing next to you can see foundation on top of your skin, you have a makeup fail.
(If the person standing next to you can see your contour you have an epic makeup fail!)

3. Cream Blush
I am obsessed with cream blushes. I love the way you can maneuver them around the cheek and create a cheek with dimension that has a little glow to it. I use so many cream blushes in my pro make up kit, but right now every day I am wearing a MAC cream blush called Posey


4. Your Brows
Brows are always important, but if you are doing a high-speed, slightly bare faced look they are super important. Your brows frame your eyes, and with this look are going to balance your lip.
Stay away from those nonsensical Instagram eyebrows – they look too overblown and stupid. Instead create a well defined brow with your brow pencil or brow gel product, without going overboard.
Once you have the shape in it’s time to create a little dimension. Left alone the brow at this point can look drawn on and one dimensional. Take a brow gel like the Anastasia Beverly Hills Tinted Brow Gel with it’s mascara style wand, and start off by moving it backwards against the direction of the hair, getting some product under the brow hair, which lifts it up a little, then reverse direction and smooth the hairs back down.


5. Skip Eyeshadow But Go All Out On Mascara
When you don’t have a lot of time to get ready, skip the eye shadow (or keep it minimal) and go all out on the mascara. Coats and coats of glossy, lash building mascara. Tell the story with your lashes.
I love Charlotte Tilbury’s Full Fat Lashes

6. Use A Bangin’ Lip
Your complexion is looking gorgeous, your cheeks are all glowy, your eyebrows are on point, and your eyes are all about those big lashes.
Now it’s time to bring it all home with an absolutely killer bold lip.
Try a true, classic, movie star red like Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Red Carpet Red or maybe a vibrant fuchsia like Nars Schiap


When you pare down the rest of your look, a bold lipstick wakes up your face and makes you look totally put together!


Silver Story ~ The Coveted List April 2016

I’m crazy about everything silver right now.
It started with a pair of Shelly’s London Emma Platform Oxfords that I found at Nordstrom. I lived all winter in a pair of black Prada platform oxfords, a silver pair will be great with summer skirts and dresses, and will just kill it with white jeans! 


Here is the coveted list for April and its all silver: 

1. Shelly’s London Emma Platform Oxfords $119


2. Lilla P Tape Yarn Sweater in silver $158


3. Lagos Oval Rope Caviar Bracelet $395

4. Saint Laurent Small Metallic Crossbody Bag $1990


5.  Manduka Pro Lite Yoga Mat in Silver And Navy $124

6. Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Eye Shadow Palette ~ The Rock Chick $52


7. Michael Kors Large Lexington Chronograph Watch $275


8. Nordstrom Home Cocktail Shaker $28


9. Jo Malone Peony And Blush Candle $65


Don’t you want some silver now??

Makeup Trends Spring 2016

Spring 2016 is going to be a fun season for makeup lovers.


This is a season that’s all about color and sparkle.

False eyelashes, glitter, liner, electric blue eye shadow, and my favorite – bright, bold, fun red lips!

Makeup at Celine spring/summer 2016

Makeup at DKNY spring/summer 2016

Makeup at Dolce Gabbana spring/summer 2016

My favorite of all the trends is that stunning, red lip.
This is not just any red, we are talking Snow White candy apple red. As true of a red as you can find.

Not all reds look sensational on all skin tones. 

My number one rule with red is that rather than becoming a fashion victim, to find the red that looks really great on you. I often modify a red lipstick that doesn’t work on me by using a liner that does. MAC Cherry liner is a fabulous true red that lets you bend all kinds of other reds. Just make sure you run a lip brush back and forth through it to blend away any signs of your trickery.


The trick to pulling off a huge red lip for spring is to make your skin glow with a lightweight, luminous foundation or BB Cream, balance the bold lip with a strong brow, and keep the eye close to bare or with a tiny flick of liner (avoid the Instagram favorite huge cat eye. It’s Instagram popularity alone makes it incredibly passe.) 
Make sure you execute that red lip with perfection. Keep your lines nice and tight, and make the lip look crisp.

Personally I think the easiest way to wear a red lip is to wear a matte red lip. Matte reds move less, so you don’t wind up with red lipstick feathering out over the lipline or maneuvering it’s way around your face. My absolute favorite matte red is the Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution lipstick in Red Carpet Red

This combines a very hydrating matte formula with the truest, classic red you will ever find. It’s a classic red that makes me think of old Hollywood, but at the same time is so modern and fresh!
If you want something a little more vibrant, Charlotte Tilbury 1975 Red is more of a sunset red than a true red, but it lights up the complexion beautifully.

When choosing a bright red matte lip make sure the formula is nice and hydrating so that your lip doesn’t look cracked and caked. The matte revolution lipsticks by Charlotte Tilbury don’t let your lip dry out, so your pout looks fabulous all day (or night) long.

Another good true red is Chanel Rouge Allure Intense Lipstick in 104 Passion.
I often find that a full blown red lip can overwhelm my face when I wear it as an everyday lipstick. Maybe you’re like me and find that red isn’t always that flattering? Anyway one of my personal everyday lipstick at the moment gives the illusion of an in-your-face-red lip, but it technically isn’t. I wear MAC All Fired Up paired with Cherry Liner. The pinker tone of All Fired Up plays nicely with my skin tone, and the Cherry liner tricks the entire look into looking like an amazing red lip.

If a full on, bold, matte lip feels too much for you, try Juice Beauty’s Liquid Lip in Apple, named after Gwyneth Paltrow’s daughter. It’s bright, fun and fresh, and the color is purrfect for spring!