H.Wood.Beauty. New Products!

Although I wasn’t exactly thrilled to come home from my Euro-venture, I was totally excited to find a box of new products from one of my absolute favorite lines, H.Wood.Beauty.

When a girls feeling down, missing coffee the way that only the Italians can make it, she needs a bright lip to pick her back up.
I’m all about the bold fuchsias, magenta’s and hot pinks that are the trade mark of the season, making a great lip the ultimate accessory.

These two new lips from H.Wood are perfection, worn either together or alone.

Jess is a bold lipstick, yet is easy to wear, superbly flattering to skin tone, and is absolutely the couleur du jour.
If the bold lip feels like too much for you, this one can be toned down or applied lightly, taking you into the moment without too much fuss or fanfare.

Want to add to it? Double down with a smooth pink gloss? Or maybe just want a soft, sheer pink lip?

H.Wood lip gloss is easily my favorite on the market. (seen here in new shade, Ojai)
Its all about the color payoff. This gloss is so pigmented that as you swipe the wand across your lip you get an even dispersion of color, every time. Not the usual patchy waning color from basically all other glosses!
Its also very moisturizing, and has the right amount of gloss to it – it doesn’t dry up on the lip, nor does it give you that hideous “porno” gloss overkill shine. It doesn’t bubble up or pill up on the lip either.

All H.Wood.Beauty products are available from their website 

So while I’m listening to Laura Pausini singing Strani Amori (from her live album) with a heavy heart, I am wearing the most fabulous, uplifting lip a girl could possibly wear!


Whats In My Makeup Bag??

I often get calls from magazines wanting quotes about whats in my personal makeup bag.
I also get tons of emails/facebook messages/twitter DMs – you name it asking me the same thing – what do I use and what do I carry around with me.

When I leave the house each morning, I don’t plan on doing any repair work to my makeup, unless I have to go out that evening, so I don’t carry much of the main stuff.
Lets have a look at what I do carry:

image courtesy kellycappelli.com

Starting from the bottom right.
Its really important to have a well constructed makeup bag, as this is what is going to protect all the goodies inside. Mine is from the Pink Mumbai Collection from Stephanie Johnson. I use their cosmetic travel bags when I travel too. I’m obsessed with the Mumbai collections – I love the exotic Bollywood look and feel of them.
In the top left corner you’ll see I have the matching mirror. (I also have the change purse in Mumbai Pink)

Next I have a couple of badger hair Corinna B makeup brushes in case I need to powder or add bronzer, and a couple of lip brushes.
I don’t change my basic makeup routine particularly often, but what I do change is my lips. I’ll often change them throughout the day depending on my mood, so there is always an assortment of lip changes on board.
Generally there are a couple of different toned nude lipliners (you can modify any lip with a good nude), I always have the amazing Julie Hewett Rouge Noir lipliner with me, either so that I can pull off a totally slammin red lip, or so that I can kick some life into a more subtle color. Rouge Noir is on the “can’t live without” list.
Ellis Faas lip pen/bullet in shade L207. This is a beautiful, neutral nudey pink shade that goes with everything. I love these bullet products – you wind up color from the bottom, it disperses just the right amount, and it is totally self contained.
H.Wood.Beauty lipgloss in Cabo. The color pay off with these glosses is amazing. It applies completely evenly across the lip.
NUDE Skin Care lipbalm comes in a cute little square box, is intensely moisturizing, tastes like vanilla kisses and can be used just as a lip balm, or worn with a liner for a soft effect lip.
Immediately above the lipliners I have three fab lipsticks. From right to left, Cover Girl Lip Perfection in Spellbound is a sensational, bold fuchsia, in the middle I have Mak from H.Wood.Beauty, which is a soft, creamy pink/nude, and on the left I have Something New by MAC, which is another fuchsia lip, but less bold and less blue than Spellbound. (this season I am all about fuchsia…)

Very long work days frequently morph into late nights, when there’s a dinner or drinks event after a shoot, late business meetings, or even after a long day at the race track with racing beauty Jennifer Jo Cobb when we have a last minute sponsor dinner to attend. My makeup has been on sometimes since as early as 4 or 5am, and now seriously needs a little love to make me look wide awake, bright eyed and bushy tailed.

Girl’s gotta have a game plan, and here’s how it goes:

A spritz of skyn ICELAND Arctic Face Mist (travel size bottle) instantly refreshes and revitalizes both your skin and your makeup. It also gives your skin a mega dose of vitamins, so instead of looking tired out and beat up, it looks gorgeous.
skyn ICELAND Icelandic Relief Eye Cream pen. I dab some of this under my eyes. Its instantly cooling and refreshing as well as hydrating. The first place on our face to show exhaustion is under the eyes, this product is a high speed remedy. And it feels amazing.
Ellis Faas concealer bullet. Next step is adding back in some under eye color. This product smooths on over existing makeup, knocks out any blue/grays that are appearing under the eye, and makes you look rested.
Standing upright on the top row is the Ellis Faas milky eyeshadow bullet in shade E109. This is a beautiful vanilla with a slight sheen to it.I put a little around the inner corner of my eye and into the lower lash line. This instantly wakes the eye up, and makes you look fresh and alert.

Below the Arctic Mist bottle I have an eyeliner pencil and a deep aubergine eyeshadow with a
taklon liner brush from my Corinna B makeup brush line. Using black around your eyes when you’re already tired will just drag your eye down, but a deep aubergine will give you depth through the lashline and will make your eye color pop like crazy. I use the taklon liner brush to buff and smudge the eyeshadow, making it into a soft, smoldery liner.

I have Makeup Forever Duo Mat in shade 209 in case I need powder or foundation repair, and normally just one piece of cheek makeup. Shown here are Nars The Multiple in Cadaques (hot pink), Copacabana (a high shimmer) and H.Wood.Beauty cream blush in Snapdragon.
Cream blushes are my absolute favorite thing. They give a round glow to the cheek, and don’t sit on the surface of the skin like a powder bush does.

So there you have it – the makeup items that go in my handbag, and get me through pretty much anything life throws my way 🙂

Whats In My Handbag???

Everywhere I go, and I do mean everywhere, whether its to a shoot, a coffee shop, walking through an airport or even walking through the garage at Nascar with Jen (race car driver Jennifer Jo Cobb), people stop me and ask me where I got my cool handbag.

image courtesy kellycappelli.com

So lets have a look.

My handbag is a faux Russian silver fox bag, and is made by a company called Rebirth. (find them here on facebook at Rebirth Bags By Tracey Martin)
I think it is by far the most fun bag I’ve ever owned! Its super well built, can carry a lot of gear around in it, and even being dragged around in my crazy life it holds up beautifully!

The next question is invariably what do I carry in it??

image courtesy kellycappelli.com

As you can see, quite a lot! Starting from left to right up top, I have no idea whats under my book, but when we emptied out my bag I found a bunch of airline boarding passes, so that might be them.
I’m re-reading Under The Tuscan Sun by Frances Mayes (one of my fave books), there’s always a magazine in there, this time its Vogue Italia, Feb issue I think?
I always have Starbucks Via packs and 5 hour energies in my bag. Long work days = always tired!
Invariably there’ll be Larabars in there too, so that I don’t grab muffins or junk food when I’m suddenly starving.
Nail polish for touch ups – I’m all about the fuchsia thing right now, this one is OPI Thats Berry Daring. Its fabulous!

To the right of the nail polish is my SPF touch up product. Its by ColoreScience and is SPF50. I brush this on as needed over my makeup as the day wears on, keeping my sun-protection at a premium. The SPF 30 you put on at home in the morning has lost most of its efficiency by noon so you need a touch up product. (this one is also great if you live in humid places and sunscreen feels to melty or gooey on your skin)

Next there’s my blackberry, my day planner ( I love the lavender leather cover) with the ever present sharpie, my aviators, EmergenC Acai flavor, and finally my beautiful Stephanie Johnson Pink Mumbai makeup bag, full of good things!
I actually pull out my Pink Mumbai makeup bag and use it as a clutch bag if I need to high speed change into something for evening.

Tomorrow I’m going to show you exactly what I carry around in my Stephanie Johnson Pink Mumbai makeup bag…