Kate Moss Biker Chick

In my book Kate Moss can do no wrong.

Here she is all smokey eyes rock n roll hair

 in British magazine Ponystep,

playing the role of biker chick alongside handsome Claude Simonon.

Photographed by Norwegian Lasse Floede

Kate Moss Alexander McQueen Spring 2014 Campaign

My favorite model, Kate Moss

fronts my favorite designer, Alexander McQueen‘s

Spring 2014 campaign.

As with all things McQueen its madly, quirkily, crazily fabulous.

Armed with a doll made in her likeness

Kate the leather clad warrior is all fierceness 

as she sports yellow hair and brows,

and metallic skin for photographer Steven Klein’s lens.

Funnily enough McQueen himself once described Klein’s work as being “almost too subversive for the mainstream


Happy Birthday Kate! Kate Moss Turns 40

She is magnificent.

She is one of the most sensational,

versatile, enduring models of all time.

Every year more beautiful than the year before.

And today she turns 40.

Happy birthday Kate Moss!

The many faces of Kate…

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