7 Tips For Self Tanning Your Face

Have you been avoiding using facial self tanning products because of the fear factor?Are you afraid of having un-repairable, streaky, patchy color on your face?


Kate Moss has perfected the ultimate in faux tans, with a little help from St Tropez. Here are tips to help you achieve the same results:

Seven Tips For Self Tanning Your Face

1. Exfoliate.

Before you get started you need to create a smooth, even surface to work with. Exfoliating will clear away the dead cells sitting on the surface of your skin.
Try Kate Somerville ExfoliKate Exfoliating Treatment, available at Nordstrom.com

2. Moisturize.

I recommend exfoliating and doing a moisturizing mask the night before, or taking time out to do a moisturizing sheet mask in the morning.
You need your skin to be super hydrated so that your tanning color doesn’t grab onto dry patches, but you also need your moisturizer to be all the way soaked in to your skin before you start, with no residue left on the surface.
Try the Moisturizing Recovery Mask sheet mask from Memebox 

3. Protect Your Hairline

Stop the color from bleeding up into your scalp by using a little vasaline at the hairline (at the scalp edge, not along the face), and also in your brows. Don’t let the vasaline migrate over onto the skin around your brows.


4. Only Use Products Designed For Your Face.

Don’t try to double up by using the same product you use on your body on your face.
Body products are likely to clog your pores and cause you breakouts.
Try St Tropez Luxe Dry Facial Oil or St Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Lotion For The Face from Nordstrom.com


5. Pay Attention To Your Creases.

Go slowly and focus on applying it evenly. Don’t forget the creases around your nostrils, any dips or dimples in your chin, and make sure you smooth the product through any fine lines and wrinkles, stretching any areas smooth while you apply. If an area is particularly tricky try using a duo fiber makeup brush.

6. Don’t Forget Your Neck.

Your tan mustn’t stop at your jawline. Make sure you smooth your self tanner over your throat with an upward motion, starting at your decolletage.


7. Wait It Out.

Once you have applied your facial self tanner be patient and wait for it to completely dry on the surface and absorb into your skin. Don’t race to put makeup on, and don’t go straight to bed – the last thing you want is pillow case creases tanned into your beautiful face!

The Kate Moss Left Breast Coupe

I adore Kate Moss.
She has done some pretty wild and wonderful things in her lifetime,
but this newest one may just be the most outlandish of them all.


To celebrate 25 years of Kate Mayfair restaurant 34 has modeled a champagne coupe on her left breast.

Legend has it that the first champagne coupe ever created was modeled on Marie Antoinette’s left breast, and this served as the inspiration for artist Jane McAdam Freud when she designed the Kate Coupe.

Champagne-Coupe-Modeled -On-Kate-Moss'-Left-Breast

And how totally rock n roll is she in those killer gold Jim Morrison pants??? They are so totally her. Totally.

There is a part of me that hopes Johnny Depp goes to 34 and drinks himself halfway into a Kate-Coupe-Champagne-Coma. I just loved those two together, even though it was a lifetime ago…

Burberry Ventures Into Skin Care In 2015

Burberry has announced it’s expansion into skin care in 2015.

The luxury brand has successfully entered into the world of prestige cosmetics with their designer makeup line, and now they

are adding the opportunity to have a high fashion complexion

with their skin care line rolling out next year.

Kate Moss and Cara Delevingne are pegged to be

the faces of Burberry Skin.

No doubt the campaign will be every bit as stunning as their cosmetics campaigns (see above)

featuring Jourdan Dunn, Edie Campbell and Cara Delevingne.