New York Fashion Week F/W 2011 Anna Sui

I love Anna Sui. Have done for years. And she just keeps getting better.

I also love Victoria Beckham. Even more so since she re-tweeted/posted my blog with the video of her show.
I quite literally fell off my chair when I saw it, and was a giddy, giggling wreck the rest of the day.And the blog got about a billion extra hits. (OK, that was a tad exaggerated)
But I digress…

At Anna Sui, 60s-mod makeup and big, retro hair complemented the Boho chic style of the Fall 2011 collection. Pat McGrath for CoverGirl traced a bold dark line into the crease of the eye and applied white eyeliner on the inner bottom lids for a wide-eye effect. Cheeks were flushed with a hint of color and lips were neutral and glossy. Garren for René Furterer amped up the volume or the hair, heightening the back of the crown for a retro look.

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I just absolutely LOVE this look!
The 60’s hair with that gorgeous shine on it is nothing short of fabulous, and its not difficult for the average girl to recreate either.
The makeup also translates really well to street level. Maybe just buffing out the crease line a little so that its not quite so severe, but everything else stays as is. Its divine. And incurably pretty.

How To Wear High Pigment Eyes

One of the huge trends both for Fall 2010, and also showing up in Spring/Summer 2011is the high pigment, intense eye.

Chanel Spring/Summer 2011

This look can be completely arresting, and when worn correctly it can be quite spectacular, but there are a few tricks to getting this eye just right.

*Start by making sure your skin is well nourished and hydrated. The cooler weather can really strip the skin of its moisture, and this look is dependent upon a great complexion.

* Use a good eye cream, and pay extra attention to the area under the eye, next to the nose.

* Conceal well under the eye, paying attention to color correcting out the blue/gray. Use a concealer with a good pink undertone to cancel out unwanted dark rings.

* Pay extra attention to applying a good, luminous, full cover foundation. A high pigment eye needs to be paired with a flawless looking skin.

* Use a soft, barely there shade of blush. You need the dimension of a contoured cheek to break up the beige of the face, but only a whisper of pale color.

* Soften the brow. A full, power brow will dominate the face. Soften out the brow color and shape, so that the eye takes center stage.

* Use a synthetic brush to apply cream based shadow, then a hair eyeshadow brush
(see Corinna B Chisel Fluff brush) to swirl dark shadow from the lash line to the brow.

* Finish out your eye with multiple coats of mascara. This look requires big lashes!

* Keep lip color to a minimum. Look at shades of nude, or barely there glosses. Don’t let your lips compete with your eyes.

fabulous at Diane Von Furstenburg