Makeup Trends For Winter 2017 You Need To Know

Don’t you just love winter makeup??

I love that makeup becomes a power play when the skies get dull. It’s time to winterize your look and put away your tan-toned foundations.  Step (far!) away from bronzer – it looks orange-y and out of place in the winter, and instead fire up some dramatic, exciting, winter eyes.

Here is my new beauty editorial for Luca Magazine. I love my Luca editorials because I am not just the hired makeup artist, I am also the magazine’s Beauty Director. I think up the shoot, cast my models, hire my crew, creative direct, produce and direct the shoots, as well as being the makeup artist. It’s a lot of hats to wear, but each of them is fabulous!


winter makeup trends luca magazine

Winter Blues

blue eyeshadow mark jacobs winter makeup trends

Along with some heavy duty lower lashes this look was created using Marc Jacobs Beauty Highliner in Ody(sea) 62, which is a vibrant teal, paired with the gold shadow in the Glambition Eye Shadow Palette and a little black in the crease. To offset the huge lower lashes and pump up the volume on the upper lash line I used Marc Jacobs Beauty Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara.

Well Red

red eye shadow Marc jacobs beauty

I love red eye shadow! This look was super easy. I used Marc Jacobs Beauty Highliner in Fine Wine. This is a gel crayon that is maneuverable and can do some multipurpose tricks. I applied the crayon to the eyelid and then buffed it out with a fluffy brush. Once I had the color and softness I wanted I went back in and created a giant winged liner, making it big and bold. I finished the look with giant false lower lashes and layers of Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara on the top lashes.

Ice Ice Baby

white eyeshadow

To achieve this look I used products from Marc Jacobs Beauty. On the eyes I used Twinkle Pop Stick in Frannie 408, an iridescent, snowy shade that I then layered with the white shadow in the Marc Jacobs Smartorial 760 Eye shadow palette.

Midas Touch

winter makeup trends gold eye shadow

Rolled, puffed out gold, this eye was created using Marc Jacobs Beauty Twinkle Pop in 3 Shakes 404, which I then layered with the gold shadow in the Marc Jacobs Beauty Glambition Eye shadow Palette. A little smudged black liner and a coat of mascara rounded the look out.


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Fall Makeup Trends You Need To Know ~ The Statement Lip

Sometimes the best looks are the easiest looks. Or the easiest looks are the best looks!

fall makeup trends statement lips

Image of Fall Makeup Trends via Luca Magazine

This huge makeup trend for fall 2017 is one of my absolute all-time favorite makeup looks, and is also my personal go-to look, the Statement Lip. Making the focal point of your look a big, bold, glorious lip is one of the fastest ways to look fabulous, effortlessly.

The Statement  Lip gives you a way to look polished when you don’t have a lot of time.

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5 Tricks To Pull Off The Statement Lip

You need to have some tricks up your sleeve in order to pull off this look.

  1. Create a creamy complexion. Stay away from heavy or powdery foundations, instead choose something that makes the skin glow and look pretty.
  2. Use a soft blush. Keep all the power in your lip, and scale back the cheek to a neutral, soft shade.
  3. Balance the lip with a soft brow. Avoid hideous Instagram-style eyebrows, but do add some depth to your brow, making them a little more defined and adding a little extra color.
  4.  Accent the lashes. Add a few coats of really great, high volume mascara. My top four high volume mascaras are Clarins Supra Lash, Diorshow Blackout, Charlotte Tilbury Full Fat Lashes and Marc Jacobs Beauty Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara.
  5. Choose your texture wisely. Statement lips don’t look so good in high gloss. Choose a matte finish or a satin finish. Longwear formulations are fantastic for a bold, statement lip.

Who Can Wear The Statement Lip

The Statement Lip really works best on slightly fuller lips. If your lips are thin, a bold lip may not be your best choice.

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Fall Makeup Trends ~ Get Gorgeous With Big, Bold, Black Eyeliner!

Fall 2018 is an exciting season for makeup. The typical fall pumpkin spice latte looks are taking a back seat to some big, bold fall makeup trends. (Yay!!)

fall makeup trends heavy liner

Fall Makeup Trends photographed for Luca Magazine by Brad Olson

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One of the coolest looks of the season is a rocker-chick, heavy duty liner. Super insouciant, this look is a little wild, very undone, and makes a statement all by itself.

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If you are going to channel your inner Kate Moss Rock’n’rolla there are a few rules to play by.

If you have deep set eyes or tend to have dark rings under your eyes this may not be the look for you. Heavy black liner will make deep set eyes look even deeper, and will add emphasis to dark under eyes.

fall makeup trends heavy liner

Fall Makeup Trends photographed for Luca Magazine by Brad Olson

Although skin needs to look bare, naked skin seldom looks great with heavily lined eyes. Bare skin can take on a greyish hue making you look under the weather and cold, detracting from your chic diva hotness. Use a thin veil of foundation to even everything out – a heavy, full cover foundation is out of place with this look, blowing the sense of nonchalance. Keep the complexion soft by using a cream blush. This will reflect a little light and add life to your skin.

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To nail this fall makeup trend use a kohl pencil or a soft smudgy pencil, working the color into the lash line first then flaring it out. Either take a clean eye shadow brush or a Q Tip and soften and smudge the liner – it needs to look imperfect. Go over the liner with some black shadow to set it and stop it moving. If the liner is slipping down your face the look is blown!

Finish the look with multiple coats of thickening mascara. My favorites are Charlotte Tilbury Full Fat Lashes, Marc Jacobs Beauty Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara, Diorshow Blackout and Clarins Supra Volume Mascara.



All images in this story were photographed by Brad Olson for Luca Magazine. Makeup by Corinna Cooke.