ShiseidoShimmering Cream Eyeshadows

These look delicious.
I haven’t worked with them yet, but can’t wait to get my hands on the new Shiseido Shimmering Cream Eye Shadows


These are lightweight cream eye shadows with a radiant lustrous finish. 

Apparently they last and look fresh for 16 hours.

And, I’m told, they hydrate the skin with a Super Hydro-Wrap with Vitalizing DE.

Not entirely sure what that is, but it sounds good!

Check out this little tutorial with the ever brilliant Dick Page

5 Steps To Luscious Lips

Want your lips to look ultra lush and kissable?

Angelina Jolie and her world famous lips

Here are 5 Steps To Luscious Lips

1.) Exfoliate – gently!
Before you do anything else, gently exfoliate the dead skin from the surface of your lips.
Use an organic lip scrub such as Lip Tea Scrub from H.Wood Beauty, a wash cloth or a soft bristled toothbrush.

2.) Lip Balm
Use lip balm every night before bed, and first thing in the morning to help protect and hydrate the lip.
Any time you exfoliate your lips follow up with lip balm, and let it soak in before going to the next step.

3.) Use A Lip Primer
Dab on either a silicone gel or a cream primer to help fill in the lines around the lip and to keep your lips looking smooth.

4.) Liner
With a pencil the same color as your natural lip color, trace your mouth, starting in the middle and working your way out to the corners, using a lighter hand as you work your way out. Next fill your lip in with the pencil, using it as your color base.

5.) Color
Avoid pale or frosty shades and nudes that match your skin or are paler than your skin. If going for a flesh tone opt for a shade that has a little pink to it, and a little more depth than your own skin tone.
Dark shades will may your lips look small, overly matte finishes will make your lips look dry. Instead choose lipcolors with a sheen to them. Grapes and raspberries always look luscious and have sufficient blue undertones to really make your teeth look white.
Orange based lip color tends to make teeth look yellow.
Feeling tired? A bold pink or fuchsia will add an instant pop of life to your complexion.

Top 4 Makeup Mistakes That Make You Look Older

Want to look a little more youthful?

Here are 4 major makeup mistakes that age you like crazy!!

1. Wearing dark, matte shades.
As a rule dark colors on your eyes, cheeks and/or lips make everything look sunken in and smaller. Avoid using anything too matte. Flat, matte shadows make eyes look tired, and unless your lips are well hydrated, matte lipsticks can leave your lips looking withered and pursed.

image source

Opt for lighter colors with a sheen to them.

2. Too Much Powder

image source

Translucent powder is great for setting foundation, but worn alone or overdone it sits in your fine lines and wrinkles and makes you look washed out, tired and a bit ashen. It has no warmth to it, and is the absolute devil when you are trying to look young(er) and fresh faced.
Ideally you want your skin to look a little dewy and luminous.

3.Straight Lines

Charlize Theron looking luscious

Harsh, straight lines and edges are sooo unflattering and aging! Hard lines drawn around eyes and lips just make the features look smaller, and leave you looking angry. Smudge out your eyeliner a little, and blend your lipliner inward for a much softer, prettier effect.

4. Too Bronze!
Remember Magda in “Something About Mary”??
As you age you lose some of the peachy pink skin tone, and your complexion gets a little yellower, a little sallower. Be careful of completely flat bronzers, and bronzers that are too yellow, or too dark. Look for bronzers with a champagne-rose or peachy-apricot undertone, and a very slight (read very slight) shimmer to them. They will liven your complexion back up and infuse some warmth.

Kim Kardashian tends to get the bronzer issue just right.