Taylor Swift Covers Vogue Magazine May 2016

I am obsessing over Taylor Swift Like You Have Never Seen Her Before. 
Anna Wintour, that whole Kanye and Kim cover fiasco is now redeemed and forgiven.
She. Looks. Amazing.


Like crazy amazing.
Photographed by Mert and Marcus for the May 2016 issue of Vogue Magazine, with fresh, vibrant hair that is sooo new and energized by Shay Ashual, and the greatest makeup ever by 
Aaron de Mey. 
I have never seen Swifty look better.


That makeup is killing me! In a time where over-contour, over-highlighting, over-browed, makeup overkill is just everywhere, the restraint de Mey has exercised is beyond gorgeous, and makes this entire story spectacular. This is my favorite editorial in forever.







All images are from Vogue.com and Fashion Gone Rogue

Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Limited

Taylor Swift For Wonderland

Check out Taylor Swift on the cover of the November 13 issue of Wonderland magazine!


At first glance Swifty is unrecognizeable. 

At second glance, there she is, but not sporting her usual red lip, and with a few changes.

I love the heavier brow, the warmer, bronzey complexion, and the very undone look.

I’m not actually a follower of Taylor’s music, although you cannot turn on mainstream radio at the moment and not hear her upbeat, catchy single, Shake It Off, from her new album, 1989.

So I decided to have a look at what she’s up to.

Scroll down for 3 fab new videos.

I love seeing how Swift has developed her look over the years.

If you caught her on performing on Kimmel, you would have seen a very fashion fierce, modern Taylor. 

I can totally see her affinity with galpal super model Karlie Kloss.

And now I just watched her new video, Blank Space.

I actually think she is pretty amazing.

Check it out below, and the link to her new album below that.


Golden Globes 2013 Best Dressed

Not a stand out year on the red carpet,

 three big trends in color

at the 2013 Golden Globe Awards

were black, red and blush.

The reds were vibrant, alive reds

Jennifer Lawrence in Dior. (image AP)

Claire Danes in Versace
Marion Cotillard in Raf Simons Dior

The impeccable Marion Cotillard gave Raf Simons

a shout out on the red carpet.

I normally think black is a very uninspired choice for

red carpet events, but this year there were

some really stunning black dresses.

And I can never get enough McQueen.


Nicole Kidman in Alexander McQueen

Nicole Kidman in Alexander McQueen


Julieanne Moore in Tom Ford

I loved Julieanne Moore talking 

about how she emailed Tom Ford 

and asked him to make her a dress

Kate Hudson in Alexander McQueen

Not only was Kate Hudson’s Alexander McQueen dress

completely sensational, it was probably the warmest

dress of the evening, with it’s sleek long sleeves.

Swifty stood out in aubergine Donna Karan Atelier.

Her hair and makeup were also stunning.

Taylor Swift in Donna Karan Atelier

Megan Fox in Dolce and Gabbana

Anne Hathaway in Chanel

Jessica Alba in Oscar de la Renta
Lucy Liu in Carolina Herrera

 Boldly stepping away from the pack,

in a dress that seems to be either loved or hated,

Lucy Liu wore a spectacular floral Carolina Herrera.

I’m not sure that I have ever seen floral on the red carpet before

but the shape, color and drama of this dress

made it stand out from the crowd.

I thought it was fantastic.

And I always admire anyone who

makes a fashion move as fierce as this.