9 Things You Need To Do Before You Go To Italy this Summer

Summer will be here before you know it and if you are planning on traveling to Italy this year during the sunshine months there are several things that you can be doing right now to get prepared. Today we look at nine of them.


9 Things You Need To do Before You Go To Italy This Summer

1. Buy Travel Insurance.

I cannot stress this strongly enough.
Buy. Travel. Insurance.

Take a look at the Most Popular Trip Insurance plans Allianz has to offer.

It’s not expensive and it will protect you from missed or cancelled flights, lost luggage, and medical problems, including flying you home with a nurse if need be. If you get sick and can’t travel it will help you recoup your losses.
I get mine through Allianz, but shop around and see what works best for you.

Check out the Top Ten reasons why people buy Travel Insurance and see if it is right for you.


2. Get Your International Drivers License

If you get he chance to drive in Italy it’s super good fun!
If you are on a bus tour or a cruise you probably won’t have time to do any driving, but if you are roaming on your own or having some extra days at the end of your tour, make sure you have an international drivers license. (You can pick them up at AAA)

Read about renting cars in Italy here


3. Book Your Inter-city Trains Now.

The train system in Italy is amazing. Its super efficient, quick and inexpensive. (Why don’t we have that here??)

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checking out the handsome conductor on the Rome to Florence fast train

The local trains are super cheap and you just buy your ticket from the dude at the ticket office (or the ticket machine), but the high speed and intercity trains can cost a fortune if you buy tickets on the day at the station. I use RailEurope.com and buy all my intercity train trips online well ahead of time.
I’ve just finished buying all the intercity train tickets for the 2016 Corinna B’s World Glam Italia Tours. By buying tickets ahead of time we are able to travel first class for the same price as economy.
Which means more money for shopping!


4. Book tickets To Museums, Colosseums, and Day Tours.

Don’t waste 3 hours of your vacation standing in line waiting for tickets to get into the Uffizi Gallery or the Colosseum, book your tickets online before you leave home.
If you are planning on taking a day trip somewhere book it now before it gets sold out.

When you are booking advance tickets, book them through that museum’s website directly. I once made the mistake of buying tickets to the Colosseum through Expedia, and wound up in a line of Expedia customers who had to re-buy their tickets. It was so annoying!

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5. Google Where You Are Going.

View of Giardini Naxos from the Greek Theater in Taormina, Sicily


Don’t just rely on your tour guide to tell you everything – do a little research yourself. You may find that there is something you would die to see in the next town over, or that you will be close to a famous winery or art museum that you would love to go to.
Italian towns and villages have their own market day each week. With a little knowledge up your sleeve you can plan day trips around market days so that you don’t miss them.

There are always music festivals, festivals celebrating the local saints, parades – all kinds of fantastic events that it would be a shame to miss, so research the towns you are going to, and also look at other towns and villages nearby.


6. Read Reviews On TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor is your best friend when traveling. From reviews on where to eat, to where to stay, to whats good to do in the city, town or village you are going to, there is a wealth of information, all submitted by other travelers.


I have found so many incredible places to go, things to do and absolutely killer places to eat in Italy from reading reviews on TripAdvisor.
Don’t Miss Out! See Today’s Top Hotel Deals at TripAdvisor
I’m on there as Corinna B’s World, and as much as possible I try to leave reviews too.
You can book flights on TripAdvisor and find places to stay.
It’s brilliant!

7. Learn Some Simple Things To Say

Wherever you are traveling in the world you should always learn a few basic things to say including hello, goodbye, please, thank you, where is the… , how much does this cost, etc.
Making an effort and being polite will both get you a long way in a foreign country.

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8. Make Sure Your Passport Is Current

You still have ample time to get your passport renewed or to get a passport. But you don’t have much time.


9. Learn The Food, Regionally

Learn the wines too.
There isn’t just one “Italian Food”. The cuisine changes regionally.
in my experience it is very different to most American-Italian food.
Do some research on the foods of the places you are going so that you don’t miss out on something fantastic that is specific to a place you are traveling to.
Eat Panforte in Tuscany, especially in Siena. Eat cicchetti and drink a spritz in Venice,  you have to try baba’ in Naples, and of course eat pizza and drink their amazing coffee (read more about Naples here). Drink Limoncello when you are on the Amalfi Coast – every place in Italy has something special!