Hello Texas – I Love You!!!

Have I told you yet how much I love the great state of Texas, and those that live there?

Sometimes I go there for work, sometimes I go there to see friends, but every time I go there I have an absolute blast! Texans just have to be amongst the most friendly, fun loving folks to roam the earth. And I love them.

I feel a great affinity to Texan women too, because every single one of them that I either am friends with, or work with (and there are very murky lines there – they start as clients and evolve beautifully into very close friends) appears to have a mind-bending love of shoes. Just like me!

We speak the same language!

So you can imagine my total delight yesterday, when I walked into the hotel room of my brand new Texan client, who had flown in a mere hour before, and right there, smack bang in front of me, like a sign from the universe that this day was about to become completely brilliant, I saw these:

Sing angels, sing! Exquisite patent leather YSL sandals. (Hers were black, but I couldn’t find black ones to show you online). I knew from that moment forward, that this was meant to be! No accidental client meets makeup artist story here – this was fate!

And of course, she was cool, funny, clever and super friendly, the way Texans always are.

After her makeup was all finished and I’d packed my brushes etc away, she took on a very conspiratorial tone, and said “I have to show you something…”

Then she opened her suitcase and a pure white light shone out, angels started singing the Hallelujah Chorus, and she pulled out these:

Ooooohhh!!! Studded Prada Slingback Peeptoe Boots. Can you feel the sheer magic of them reaching out to you??? Just looking at this picture makes my heart pound and my breath quicken!

When the pounding in my ears stopped, and I got my equilibrium back, she let me hold them. (We wear different sizes, otherwise I’d have put them on and walked around the room in them).

All I can say is, even holding this shoe, you know your mojo is overflowing.
I held them for ages.
They are perfect.
My world would be perfect if I owned them.
I instinctively know that makeup would go on better if I was wearing them.

Long live Prada, and God love Texas.



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