Lip tar – Ooooh La La!!

So I’m going to let you in on another fabulous little pro makeup secret: its called Lip Tar and is by one of my favorite companies, OCC – (Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics)

OCC is a pro makeup line, most well known for its airbrush foundations.
If a company is a pro-makeup line, then you’re getting ultra-primo products. More color pigment (which translates to a truer color that lasts longer), superior ingredients, superior formulations.

When a product is designed to look genius up there on the big screen it is going to look killer on those of us who are wearing it in the real world.

So lets check out the amazing Lip Tar. What is super cool about these is that they are insanely highly pigmented colors (so you only use a tiny amount – they last forever) that go on slick and moist like a gloss, but dry like a satin finish lipstick, so the finish is actually very opaque.

I recommend applying with a lip brush (mine, of course!) so you can control the placement of color.

Lip Tar comes in something like 20 shades, and being a pro-product, they can be mixed together to create new colors, or worn alone. So fab!

This is Lip Tar in Hush. (I lifted this pic from a site called

Another cool thing about OCC is that their products are all Vegan. What this means is that not only are these products not tested on animals, but there are no ingredients derived from animals either. And I am all for saving the bunnies…

So check this product out. You will loooove it. Guaranteed!



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