A Love As True As The Sea Is Blue….

So I got an email today that was signed: “spooky, funky, wild and as true as the sea is blue…”

Now that kind of love sounds pretty fierce and fab, so I closed my eyes and tried to imagine what it would look like.

And guess what???

Hellooooo Sugar!!!

A love as true as the sea is blue looks exactly like a Jimmy Choo peep toe slingback! Who knew? (well, I kinda, sorta did!)

No one makes a slingback like Jimmy.

And if we’re getting holiday season festive, how purrfect are these? The color will go with everything you can possibly come up with.

I don’t much enjoy standing for long periods of time in Jimmy’s, but if you want a dress to hang unbelievably beautifully on your frame, no matter what your size or shape, I sincerely believe that the angle Jimmy arches your back and squares your shoulders at in his slingbacks is almost equal to a divine intervention.
But, I guess, not quite…

Jimmy I love you!
(I wonder if he heard me???)

It’s love and shoes ladies!



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