Valley Ho Ho Ho!

So this week Kelly, Will and I took our show on the road to the amazing Valley Ho for a lingerie shoot.

The Valley Ho is one of my absolute most favorite hotels. Its a super edgy, sexy, cool, art deco kind of place, deep in the heart of fabulous Scottsdale.

I’m often there getting people ready for events, and always plan on staying there, but haven’t quite gotten around to it yet.

The rooms at the Valley Ho are so totally different from any other hotel I know.

Cool art work

Cool furnishings

Wild wallpapers

A fully stocked martini bar in every room – how genius is that???)

and my favorite thing – a free standing bath in the middle of the room, not stuck behind the prudish doors of a bathroom.

This giant round bath has lights in the bottom, and can fit the entire gang, if that’s your thing. (not me…!)
We actually had the bath filled with bubbles for some of the shots. Can’t show you them though…

How perfect for a big lingerie shoot???? Especially blasting Cake, Strangers In The Night? The models had the most killer custom made bullet bras. Madonna would have crawled through broken glass for them. Me? I just curled up and died from wanting one…

So here is Will, getting some hair done. The look was a hybrid of early 1960’s Liz Taylor fused with a little burlesque goddess Dita Von Teese. In other words achingly hot!!!


Check out Kelly getting the shot,under the table, caught up in all the hair paraphernalia! Anything for the perfect shot…

Make up Artist food. The kit is never complete without almonds and protein bars.


I might have to take this last shot back down, but until then…

Happy Thanksgiving!!!



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