As a make up artist, I have to say there are certain movies that you see that leave you gasping for breath, and lamenting the fact that you ever stopped doing movies!
Big gorgeous make up movies, like Chicago, Dreamgirls, Memoirs of a Geisha… (I actually have a huge list of big make up movies).

Just watching the trailers for the new Tim Burton Alice In Wonderland has me wishing I’d stayed with film! (As opposed to most of the time, where I have no regrets!)

Check it out:

So anyway, with a big, gorgeous, creative spectacular like this on the very near horizon, you just know that some cool companies have brought out some cool products for the girl who loves a little color in her life.

Nail polish genius OPI has their Alice In Wonderland Collection


And check out this new Alice In Wonderland Collection from Urban Decay!

The colors here are superb! A girl can do a lot with a set like this!

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  1. Anonymous
    December 30, 2009 / 8:12 pm

    Awesome! can't wait to buy the purple OPI from the Alice collection!

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