Keeping It Clean

So now you’ve (hopefully) started paring down and tossing out your old skin care products that are no longer serving you well.
If they ever did.

Have you noticed how the great claims they make on their advertising don’t seem to find their way to your skin?
I often wonder exactly who are these test groups that they get their data from?
They certainly don’t seem to be anyone like you or me…

So anyway, today we’re going to look at how you’re cleansing your skin.
Because believe it or not, plenty of women get this part wrong.

The first thing you have to do is analyze your skin, and figure out your skin type.
And this is where women get it wrong.
I can hear a bunch of you out there saying “oily”.
And I bet you’re not.

You see most of us getting a tad oily/shiny through our T zone
and have normal/dry cheeks.
This is in fact, normal/combination skin.
If you wipe your finger across your cheek and it comes up wet,
you’re probably oily.
If not, you’re not.

And the big mistake I see over and over is girls thinking they’re oily and using a cleanser for oily skin, thereby stripping their skin of essential oils and moisture.
And when this happens you are drying your skin out and prematurely aging it.

When you’ve cleansed your skin it should never feel pulled or tight. It should feel supple.

Unless you are really, truly oily, avoid foaming cleansers.
Like the plague.

Instead, I want you to invest in a really good milk cleanser. And I will introduce you to a few. Some oil cleansers too.
Your cleanser needs to dissolve make up and clean your skin. Most milk or oil cleansers will also dissolve even the most stubborn eye make up.
But I’ll show you some good eye make up removers tomorrow.

Neutrogena Extra Gentle Cleanser costs under $10
And its a great little cleanser.

Clarins skin care products are a bit more expensive, but are fabulous.

I don’t advocate too many Lancome products, but here and there they have something I like, and Galatee is one of them. Its been around forever, and it is a really good cleansing milk.

And now for the oils.
Many people cringe at the thought of using oil to cleanse your skin, but actually, its pretty fab!
The MAC oil cleanser is often found on set for either pre-make up cleansing or for post make up removal. Its very gentle, and really quite lovely.

Shu Uemura makes truly amazing oil cleansers. They have quite a few for all different skin types, so get the girl at the counter to help choose which is right for you.

Oil lifts away oil, so an oil cleanser can be great fro the oily skinned girls too!

When you are building your skin care wardrobe make sure you are staying within your budget. Find the price point that works for you and work from there.
That way you can maintain some consistency.

And unless you are one of those genetic mutants who were born fabulous, having great skin is like getting great thighs. It takes work and consistency.



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