Eye Love…

Yesterday’s post about cleansers was a little on the long side, so today I’ll keep it brief.

Today I’m staying on the skin care topic, and moving on to eye make up removers.
Most of the gentle cleansers out there will remove eye make up too, but if you wear waterproof eye make up (not my favorite thing. At. All) you’ll often need a separate product to get it off.
Also some of the cheapie mascaras are super tough to remove.
I’m not an advocate of them either.

The skin around the eye area is the most delicate, thin skin on the body, and needs extra care.
It’s also the first place we see aging.
So in order to be the fabulous creature that you really are, you must take care of the eye area.

I’d say lose the waterproof mascara unless you’ll be swimming or crying, and definitely get rid of the cheapie mascaras…

And when you are dealing with products that wont budge, use an eye make up remover.

Sens Eyes by Make Up Forever is my favorite.
I use it in my make up kit.
Super gentle, even those with ultra sensitive eyes can use it. Its great too because makeup can go straight on top of it too, so if you’re doing a quick make up change you’ll look flawless.

Shiseido makes a good oneand Lancome Bi-Facil has been around forever. Its pretty good too!

When using an eye make up remover, soak a cotton pad with the product and hold it against the eye, so that it can soak in and start dissolving the make up. Then gentle lift away.
Never rub or scrub.

Eye make up remover is the best thing to remove a lip stain or super bold lip color, such as high velocity reds or burgundies.
Same thing, soak a cotton pad, press, hold and lift away.



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