Makeup Clean Out!

So just as we did with your skin care products, we now need to take an inventory of your makeup products.
Generally a bigger, badder, bolder job…

After a decade of shopping for odds and ends you’re bound to have all kinds of goodies tucked away here and there.
But now its a new decade, and you need to sort, store and purge.

Organize your makeup.
Keep the good stuff.
You’ll find things you forgot you had.

Rule of thumb: if it
smells weird
looks odd
changed color
has an odd consistency
or an odd texture
has any visible decay or bacteria
toss it.

Mascaras that are drying out or crumbling when you put them on
need to go.

Pencils that have a whitish film
need to go.

No past its prime product is worth the sheer hell of an infection.
Just get rid of them.
I googled pictures of skin reactions to expired products, but they were too yucky to post.

While you’re at it, shampoo all your brushes. I’ll put a link to the brush care tutorial video
at the end of this blog post.
Get them all super clean for the new year, then decide
which can stay and which must go.

And make sure you click in and read tomorrow’s blog.
Its kinda funny.



click here for the brush care tutorial…

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