Seven Simple Steps To A Sexy Summer Smile

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Nothing says sexy quite like a luscious mouth,
so here are some quick steps
to a sizzling summer smile!

1. Keep it clean!
There’s nothing even remotely sexy about unclean teeth. Keep a toothbrush at work, and clean them after lunch.
Keep plaquers in your handbag so that any food caught between your teeth can be quickly removed. (picking at your teeth with your fingernails = totally not sexy!)
2. Keep your teeth white.
Whether you opt for an in office dentist treatment, or over the counter remedies like Listerine Whitestrips, white teeth are crucial.

3. Exfoliate your lips
Dead flaky skin on the surface of the lips has to go. Use a gentle exfoliant, a wash cloth, or even (gently!) use a toothbrush to remove rough patches from the surface of the lip.

4. Always wear a lip balm.
If you don’t have a lipstick or lipgloss on, make sure you have lip balm on. Keeping your lips hydrated at all times is crucial! Wear lip balm to bed at night too. Your lips wont look luscious if they’re all dried out.

5. Use a pre-lipstick base
My favorite new product is Lip Putty by Face Atelier It hydrates the lip, but also fills in all those little lines and creases in the lip, and stops lipstick from feathering outside the lipline. Your lipstick will hold better with this on, or you can wear it alone.

6. Wear a fabulous lipstick or lip gloss.
Watch out for lipsticks and glosses that bubble or get piecey on the lip. If your lipstick has bubbled up, remove it with a tissue and reapply.
Use a lip liner and a lipbush when you apply – it will go on better and last longer.
This spring/summer there are lots of fun, bright colors to choose from, and the formulations are light and easy to wear too. So put away your heavy or matte lipsticks, and look for something light and bright.
The bright pinks have a lot of blue in them, so will make your teeth look extra white.
Be careful when choosing peach and orange shades, as they can make teeth look yellow.

7. Smile!
A bright, happy, pretty smile is super alluring, sexy and fun!

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