Six Fun Steps To Brighten Your Midweek

Feeling the mid-week blahs?

No longer basking in the Monday Tuesday afterglow of last weekend,

and not yet getting revved up for the next weekend a laThursday and Friday.

Here we sit,
on Wednesdayho hum.

But don’t worry.
I’ve got a plan.

6 Fun Steps To Brighten Your Midweek!

Number 1: Put on one of the new season’s bright lipsticks.
A fabulous hot pink will wake you up and make your teeth look whiter than white!

(sitting at your desk doing this with your mouth will no doubt liven things up too!)

Number 2: Dab a little highlighter along your upper cheekbone to liven up your skin.

If you’re looking a little drab or tired, pat a tiny amount under your eyes for an instant wide awake, bright and sparkly look!

Number 3: The best wake-me-up, pick-me-up, brighten- my-day ever!
Drink some Yerba Mate tea.
Add a little flavored sweetener, like Raspberry Chocolate Stevia and you have a cup of perfection, with no caffeine jitters and no post energy drink crash.
I swear by it!

Number 4: Spritz on a little something fresh and floral.

We are so in tune with the smells around us, so make yours fresh, lively and pretty,
and you’ll feel that way too!

Number 5: Pull your hair back off your face into a chic, modern pony tail.

Jessica Alba looking fresh and happy

You’ll instantly feel fun and vibrant!

Anne Hathaway rocking the white teeth, clean brows, modern pony and fab earrings. Evidently not wallowing in mid week doldrums.

Number 6: With your hair pulled back, and your ears, jawline and throat
all sexily exposedadorn your lobes with something fabulous like these chandelier earrings
that I found on the Katie M Designs website.

Actually, she’s a friend of mine who designs jewels for the Hollywood elite,
but you can wear them too!

Feeling a little more chipper now?
And you’ll be sooo ready for next Wednesday too!



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