Its All About The Apron…

I have a big shoot today at the fabulous Hotel Valley Ho Ho Ho.
Its the 3rd shoot I’ve had there in three weeks
each with a different client.

Magazines and celebs love to shoot there because it is visually just so crazy sexy cool.

So anyway,
no time for a big blog post today.
Gotta make it short and snappy.

Check out this cool picture I found.
I think its Victoria’s Secret
advertising something or other.
Who knows what.
Probably safe to say its not undies.

But what I am loving is the aprons.
I want one!

Paired with smokin high nude heels
and a killer hairdo
(Will would have done far better hair for a shot like this!
-maybe something more Mad Men?)

Anyway, the apron, a hairdo, heels and maybe a killer bullet bra
what else could a girl possibly need???

Happy Thursday!



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