Divinity Jewelry Divine

How fabulous are these??

I used these gorgeous earrings and necklace 

on the “How To Pack When You Travel” segment

for SheKnows.com

I’m shooting with them again next week

on a Destination Honeymoon story 

for a magazine.

They are just an all around perfect choice for summer.

Gold is huge this season,

chandelier earrings are totally in vogue,

and you really can’t beat the coral & turquoise combination.

So stunning with all your summer clothes

and swimwear.

on camera with Lisa talking about Divinity

You can find these at DivinityJewelry.com

All pieces are custom made to order

so you can feel extra special

when you are wearing yours! 

Divinity Jewelry is most famous for its edgy cool

pieces, worn by rock stars

in videos,magazines, on TV and onstage.

But there is another whole side to Divinity

and to me, it is absolutely divine.

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