Five Rules For Playing Hard To Get

I am fast becoming obsessed

with these ridiculous “how to” guides for women

that are just everywhere!

I found this crazy one on

It actually said : how to create a little mystery and wind up with more dates!

I sooo want the job of coming up with and writing this nonsense.

But instead, I’m reprinting it

with my own little pictorial

from the divinely decadent Kiki de Montparnasse


Which we will see more of soon…

5 Rules For Playing Hard To Get

1. Use the old fishing ploy.

 if you want to get a fish to bite your lure, you have to keep it moving enough to be interesting, but not so fast as to be too hard to catch. The erratic retrieve is usually the best…

2. Keep some secrets

mete out important details so the guys you’re interested in have reason to stay interested in you. 

3. Play to win

don’t be a shy or passive player. Put out the vibe that you’re only looking for serious suitors, and don’t get into the game if the stakes aren’t right.

4. Be only slightly accessible

never be too available during the early stages of a relationship. Make him feel like he better work hard to get and maintain your attention. Appear active and in demand.

5. Be sexy but with hold sex

don’t give it away when he is perfectly willing to earn it.Its strictly a look, don’t touch situation until you’re sure he’s interested 

(sister if you just show up and say hello – trust me he’s interested!!)

By following these 5 handy rules you’ll be in good shape to get and keep your date’s attention.

(it honestly, really did say that!!!) 

if the 5 rules don’t get his attention, 

chances are  this hot little item will   

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