Beat The Heat: SPF

We just shot a really important segment for the Daily Dish on SheKnowsTV that was all about facial SPFs.
Here are some of the key points we covered, and the product details.

*Facial SPF is a crucial component in your skin care regimen, possibly the most important component. 
*Up to 90% of skin aging comes from sun damage. This damage won’t necessarily show up immediately. In the years ahead you will start seeing dark patches, or hyper-pigmentation, which are very difficult and expensive to remove.
*The sun breaks down collagen, which in turn leads to a loss of elasticity, leaving you with saggy, lifeless looking skin. 
*Lack of sun protection also opens you up to the dangers of skin cancer.

*Regular sunscreen that you use on your body will frequently break your skin out and leave it with a coarser, thicker texture, so it is important to have a separate facial SPF product.

*Sunscreen needs to be applied liberally. You should coat your face, throat and decollete every single day with an SPF of at least 30.

* Although there is debate as to whether or not an SPF higher than 30 is actually more powerful or not, it is generally accepted that the higher the SPF, the longer the protection.

For example: if the UV index today is 10, the average person has about 10 minutes before their skin will start to burn. If you wear SPF 30 you will have 30X 10 minutes, or 300 minutes before you will burn.

The clock starts when you apply the product, so if you apply SPF 30 at 7am when you’re getting ready for work, it has probably run out by noon, or at least lost significant potency. So go for the highest SPF you can find.

* We get most of our sun damage just doing our regular daily things, such as walking to and from our cars, which is why dermatologists want everyone to wear sunscreen every single day.

Here are the products I discussed on the show:

For Everyday use

Rhonda Allison Zinc Protection Cream

This is a fabulous daily SPF that can be 

used alone or over moisturizer.

Great for all skin types

Kiehls Super Fluid UV Defense SPF 50
This very lightweight, translucent, oil free and 
water resistant sun protection leaves the skin 
with an ultra matte finish. It has powerful,
long lasting broad spectrum UVA and UVB
protection, which is photostable. (maintains
the level of protection)

For A Day In The Sun  

Heading to the beach? A picnic or a BBQ? Or maybe you’re doing an outdoor activity? Anything that’s taking you outdoors for the day requires an even stronger formulation. Here’s what I recommended:

I love this SPF 58!

Cotz is free of chemical sunscreen filters. Its water and sweat resistant, dries clear and is fragrance free.

I love this one too!

Individual sachets, each containing one SPF 30 towelette. What I especially love about this is that it is fragranced. Tocca’s beautiful Stella fragrance. So when you’ve been out in the heat and need to reapply your sunscreen, the convenience of a single serve sachet combined with something that doesn’t smell like coconuts and pineapples is so refreshing!

Probably more for the body than the face, but I had to include it – its so lovely!

 How fabulous is this??

SPF 30 in crushed mineral form. (Also available in SPF 50)

Great on its own as a facial SPF, Colorescience Sunforgettable also makes the absolute perfect touch up SPF product, for everyday use or for the big day out.

Super convenient to slip into your handbag, lightweight and easy to apply and reapply over makeup, you can top off your sun protection before heading out to lunch, before going out for after work drinks – anytime you need to add more facial sunscreen.

Perfect in both humid and dry climates, the sheer convenience of it will keep you reapplying.

Recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation.


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