Facial Fuel Eye Depuffer

I am always being asked what product to use

to get rid of under eye bags.

More specifically, tired, puffy eyes.

This is what I use both in my makeup kit, 

especially when I have some jet lagged super-celeb getting ready at 5 am for a breakfast TV appearance,

and also for my personal use 

(especially when I’m getting ready at 4 am 

for a breakfast TV appearance…)

Its the Kiehls Facial Fuel Eye De Puffer.

Now although this product was originally designed for men, and in fact I originally bought it to use on men, it is perfect for women too.

An instantly cooling and non greasy formula, this one actually comes in a stick, so you can gently glide it over the under eye area, with no pulling or tugging, and feel instant relief.

It has energy enhancing ingredients, which get the blood circulating and make your eyes look awake and alert, it minimizes puffiness, hydrates, rejuvenates, cools and soothes.

Its compact enough that you can keep it in your handbag for instant relief from tired eyes as you sit in front of the computer all day, allergy irritated eyes when the pollen count gets bothersome, and is super sensational for use when you’re on long flights.

I just showed this product on a SheKnows Daily Dish segment all about lightening and brightening the eye area,

so you’ll be hearing more about the Eye De Puffer from me soon!


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