Ruby Wooooo

When beauty, nature, eastern mysticism and New York boho chic all come together the result is an edgy cool, modern and unique jewelry line called Ruby Kobo.

Yuvi Alpert, the back packing son of a diamond dealer, and Danna Kobo, jewelry designer combined their talents to create pieces that are neither too masculine nor too dainty, and not necessarily gender specific. Their pieces are intended to be layered, and easily manoeuvre  from  fashion day wear to glamourous evening wear.

Yuvi’s travels through South America and East Asia gave him a love of ancient eastern mysticism which features predominantly in Ruby Kobo’s deigns, where high quality materials such as rubies, diamonds and gold meet up with pave lined hasma hands, Tibetan masks and Tulsi wood beads.

Their intense attention to detail has made them a celebrity favorite, with a client list that includes Rihanna, Julia Roberts, Gwyneth Paltrow and Naomi Watts.

Julia Roberts in Ruby Kobo

Naomi Watts wearing Ruby Kobo at the premiere of Nine

Yuvi Alpert in the original Gold Hasma Pendant

Lindsay Lohan is a big fan of the Ruby Kobo Sashi bracelets, which have faceted crystals and studs enmeshed in brightly colored woven cords.

Whether you’re looking for a simple something special to wear with Levis and a t-shirt or for something to dress up your LBD, check out Ruby Kobo

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