5 New Years Beauty Resolutions

Are you the girl who makes New Years resolutions? Most of us in the waning hours of the current year resolve to do things such as lose weight, exercise more, or give up a vice or two. However we do tend to be back at square one 365 days later, resolving to do the exact same things we didn’t quite get around to the previous year.

So in an effort to end the revolving resolving roundabout, I’ve come up with a list of 5 New Years Beauty Resolutions for you! 5 Lovely New Year Steps To Fabulous.

1. Facials.
Make getting a regular facial part of your routine. Whether its every month, every other month or even every 3 months, treat yourself to a facial. Not only do you deserve the pampering, but seeing a facialist on a regular basis will help you to stay on top of the changes in your skin, and which products you should or shouldn’t be using.

Not in your budget? No problem! Check out the aesthetics schools in your area. Most offer drastically reduced prices on services as their students have to build their clinic hours before graduating.

2. Skin Care.

Make the commitment to sorting through your skin care products, eliminating products that don’t work or have passed their best by date, make lists of the products you need to add into your daily and weekly regimens, and commit to both getting, and using them!

3. Makeup.
Make the resolution to inventory your makeup.

Sort through the products you have, clean them, organize them, clean your makeup drawer, and clean your brushes.
Try something new – add a colored mascara, a new formulation of foundation or a bright new lipstick to your makeup arsenal.

Katie Holmes’ look came alive when she cut her hair

4. Hair.
Change up your hairstyle. Maybe you’re due for a big change, or maybe your current hairstyle just needs a little tweeking.

Getting highlights or side swept bangs, or maybe just modifying your color a little, a change in hairdo can lighten, brighten and revive your look. And there’s no time like a brand new year to make the change!

Try Chanel Pulsion for a fun, vibrant change

5. Nails
After years of french manicures its time to explore color again! Try something bold and fun and new. If you wear it around for a few days and don’t feel the magic try something more subdued. The main thing is that you at least try!

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