Girlfriends Guide To Glitter Eyeshadow

With New Years eve almost upon us, and an absolute slew of glitter eyeshadows being hawked to an unsuspecting public, someone’s gotta be on your side and guide you through the potential hot mess of how to pull this number off. So it might as well be me.

Not quite feeling the look on Liz Hurley, but it works on Kim Kardashian

First up you need to know that when this look goes wrong, it goes wildly, madly, horribly wrong. And you’ve still got the rest of the night ahead of you, looking like a lunatic.

Secondly you need to know that especially if you’re doing a variation on black, the hawtness that looks back at you in the mirror at the beginning of the night can wind up looking like a drugged out homicidal maniac by mid evening. So proceed with caution…

1. Choosing your glitter

Katie Perry in glitter eye makeup

Don’t buy glitter from an arts supplies store. The particles are too big, can scratch your eyes and totally irritate your skin. Instead by glitter from a makeup line.
Look for glitter that has tiny (read tiny) particles. I actually prefer to use Makeup Forever Star Powders and Diamond Powders, or MAC pigments powders instead of glitter. You’ll get that super high shimmer without being to “glittery”

Natalie Portman looking perfect.

2. Only Glitter one feature.
If you’re wearing glitter on your eyes, don’t put it anywhere else. Keep cheeks and lips glitter free. Putting glitter and shimmer on too many areas will leave you looking like a caricature of yourself.
Similarly if you’re doing a glitter thing, avoid having too much sparkly bling on. You’ll come in handy in a black out or a storm, but otherwise its just way too overwhelming. In an unpleasant way.

3.Build Your Base
A glittered up eye has to be balanced with a full foundation. Your summery, see through foundation wont be enough to carry off this look – it will leave you looking washed out and ill. Color correct your under eye area, and work your foundation to a smooth, luminous finish, completely evening out your skin tone.

4. Soft Cheeks And Lips
When doing a big look on your eyes, keep cheeks and lips scaled back, soft and luscious. I love cream blushes, especially when infusing subtle warmth into the cheeks. Pairing big cheek and lip color with big eye makeup can leave you looking like a clown.

5. Slow and Steady Wins The Race

Banshee Eye & Lip Safe Glitter. Note the tiny particles.

This is not a high speed, out the door in 5 kind of look, so take your time and apply correctly.
Make sure your foundation has set on the eyelid, powder a little to ensure a dry base.
*Start with a good liner such as Makeup Forever Aqualiner pencil or Makeup Forever Aquablack, smudging through the lashline, and blending up onto the lid with a synthetic brush.
*Follow with a flat black shadow, pressing the color in, rather than sweeping it across the lid. This will help build depth to your color, and staying power.
*Next press a shimmery black shadow, such as MAC Black Tied onto the lid. This will start your shimmer, and give it some good body.
*Now place your glitter very carefully on top of your eyeshadow. You want to avoid having it drop all over your face. Conversely use a Makeup Forever Star Powder. Choose a gold tone, or for a change go for an aubergine or purple tone. If you are very pale, a silver can look good, but for most people a warmer color is better.

6. Lashes and More Lashes!

Finish the look with multiple coats of a super lash building mascara like DiorShow Blackout. I put black liner in the upper inner rim of the lid to give an even deeper look. Smudge the liner under your eyes, and finish the look with a full strip of false lashes.
I particularly love these MAC lashes, but they have tons of fabulous, big, wear-it-like-you-mean-it lashes to choose from.

7. If You’ve Got It – Flaunt It!
If you’re going to go the distance with a glittery (or preferably super shimmery) look, then wear it like you mean it! Don’t let the look wear you. Bring out all the personality you’ve got, and strut your stuff!

Pink owns it!

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