Plum Eyeshadow – Sooo Beautiful!!

I love plum eyeshadow!
Actually, when it comes to makeup, I love plum anything.
Plum comes in many shades, from deep blue-reds to inky almost black tones, and as such is extremely versatile as well as incredibly flattering.

Everyone looks good in plum. It is equally beautiful on pale skins as it is on dark skins.
It makes a deliciously bold statement in smoky sophistication, or can be a barely there subtle nuance. Plum can be the main focus of your look, or a mere accent. Eyes, lips, cheeks all benefit from getting cozy with plum, either worn together or as the one feature on an otherwise neutral face.

Megan Fox in plum lips

No matter what your eye color is, plum will enhance it, whether you’re using a plum shadow, or a purple based liner as an accent.
Instead of doing a smoky eye with blacks or grays try using the moodier, lush plum tones.
Mascaras such as DiorShow Plum and Benefit BADgal Plum give you an instant boost, drawing out your eye color and making the whites of your eyes super white while giving you an ethereal aura.

Julia Roberts in plum eyeshadow

Quick tips for plum tones

1.)If wearing a plum eyeshadow, opt for one with a slight shimmer or sheen instead of a flat matte. Try Nars Night Rider (soft plum with a silver glitter) or Nars Ondine (plum with gold shimmer). MAC shades Fig, Indian Ink and Vibrant Grape are beautiful variations of plum.
2.) Plum eyeliners such as Julie Hewett Dahlia and FACE Atelier Velours are perfect for everyday wear, or can supercharge an evening look.
3.) Try a cream blush in plum tones. Cream blushes keep the complexion looking alive and vibrant.
Julie Hewett Cheekie cream blush in Vampie is one of the best blushes I’ve ever used.
4.) Choose a plum lip with a blue undertone to make your teeth look super white

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