Single Girl’s Survival Guide To Valentines Day, Day 3

Single for Valentines day?
Flowers and chocolates not coming your way? Well heck. Guess we better find some fun to get into to make up for the lack of romance.
Instead of eating yourself into a sugar coma (which you’re only going to regret later anyway) shop yourself into a shoe coma! Its like the gift that keeps giving. Men come and go, but a great pair of shoes is forever.
Or something like that.

Anyway, lets entertain ourselves with some of the new seasons delectables, and indulge our (my) inner shoe fetish…

We’ll pretend there’s no Valentines day, and instead plan a  fab outing for Easter. No sensible shoes allowed, the gratification only works when we lean to extremes.

First up, the closest thing to sensible is a platform Tory Burch sandal.
This one is a lovely blend of height and comfort (the two don’t always ride together)
The strap will make your ankle look edible, and will burn that fool man who let you go.
Or didn’t snap you up.

Gucci’s Mira sandal is gorgeous with pants that have movement in the lower leg, gorgeous with capris for spring, gorgeous with a skirt that moves. Gorgeous with pretty much anything.
Put it on the “cant go wrong with” list.
You’ll wear it for years.


While we’re at Gucci, lets look at the Kelis sandal. Nothing sensible about this one, but the gratification is extreme.
 Easter Sunday will be so much more fun with these on! They look like they’d hurt, but then love hurts, doesn’t it?

Now lets add a little excitement to the equation with some spring love from genius Nicholas Kirkwood. Not for the faint of heart, this man is all about height. Towering, sexy slingbacks, perfect for leaning against things in, or sitting down in. Aren’t they fabulous???

Still with Nicholas Kirkwood, lets bring a little crazy to Easter (or Valentines Day) with these:

Aren’t they amazing??? I’m sure over at The Man Repeller they would call these, um, Man Repellers, but so what? Its high fashion meets single girl, and it works soooo well!

Saving the best for last, I die a thousand glorious deaths over these

Christian Louboutin (I whisper his name in reverence) Toutenkaboucle.
Brings tears to my eyes.
Honestly single girls, if you have to choose between a man and a shoe this Valentines day, take the shoe.
There are not enough words to describe the ecstatic paroxyms this shoe sends me into.
Just looking at it makes my heart race. Who cares if they cost as much as a house payment??
Oh the fun to be had in this shoe!!

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