Vogue Korea… swooon!!

As if I needed another Vogue to obsess over??

I recently discovered Vogue Korea. How it eluded me thus far I have no idea, but during the course of the movie I was just on I spent all kinds of down time perusing images from Vogue Korea‘s archives on my iPad.

Here are just a handful of the images I could weep over.


June 2010 model Hyun Yi Lee photographed by Eoh Sang Sun

March 2010 model Han Jin photographed by Lee Gun-Ho

October 2007 photographer Kim Kyung Soo from a story about traditional costume

May 2010 pop star Hyori-Lee for Adidas

April 2010 Abbey Lee Kershaw photographed by Rafeal Stahelin

July 2010 St Tropez story.
I die.

So many great Vogues, so little time to look at them all in…

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  1. June 23, 2011 / 3:10 pm

    OMG that hairstyle (one with kittens and one right below), I WANT IT! 😉

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