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I’m on the other side of the world again, so along with some posts that are scheduled during the days that I’m gone, I’m having some guest posts from some of my favorite bloggers, just to spice things up a bit!

Today’s post is from Olivia at The Unknown Beauty Blog. (you can follow Olivia on twitter @fauxlivia)
She is going to tell you all about her favorite nail polishes:

Man, Eyes Glaze over ManGlaze Nail Polishes



I know I am late to the game purchasing ManGlaze polishes ($6.66USD and $13.13USD) but better late than never right?  The polishes are all matte which may have you thinking what makes them different from other mattes?  I can just buy a matte topcoat and have the same effect.  Well, yes and no.  Yes, the effect is the same, but the personality is not.

When I first opened my little box (which my USPS guy decided to keep for himself overnight instead of delivering on the day of delivery), I noticed the funky and crazy labels.  Reminds me of Mad magazine meets Ren and Stimpy which is probably in the same realm but you get it.  Very original and eye catching!

As I applied these polishes I noticed that the texture is made for a guy to apply which means they are easy to apply.  It really doesn’t take skilled and dainty hands to apply these.  The colors go on smoothly without being runny or drippy.  There is ample time to apply a smooth coat on the nail yet dry quickly enough to walk out the door within 15-30 minutes.  (This estimation is for ample drying time.)

Although, all are matte they do contain shimmer (with the exclusion of Hot Mess which is pure bling).  It is soft and hidden almost like the butch side is trying to get in touch with its feminine side.  Hmmmmm.

Matte is Murder looks like a rough emery board only black.  Nothing is rough about it, just a smooth polish that gives that illusion.

Mayo or Mayonnaise doesn’t look anything like what it is named after.  I keep thinking I have doughnut glaze on my nails and want to lick them.  Maybe, someday ManGlaze will come out with flavored polish.  That would be something!

See the shimmer in both?  Very nice.

Fuggen Ugly (top picture) reminds me of concrete yet it has that mercuric glaze.  You know the stuff that leaks out of the shapeshifters in Fringe.  And it also has the same doughnut glaze look.  Yes, I am stuck on doughnuts when I look at my ManGlaze nails.

Hot Mess is pure silver bling in a clear matte base.  (Top picture)  I applied two coats alone on a natural nail.   If Liberace were alive, he would be buying this by the box!   Applied on top of Mayo and Matte is Murder (bottom picture),  Hot Mess takes on a whole new personality.  As I see it, on top of Mayo it looks like lace and chains!  Ooh la la!  And on Matte is Murder, I feel I need to get a pair of motorcycle boots-leather and chains!

MatteAstrophe is interesting.  It is a matte topcoat but depending on the polish it will crackle.  I found this best on top of glossy polishes to clearly see the effect.  Here, I used this on top of Illamasqua Scarab-a deep shimmery blood red.  The result reminds of a scab or a reopened scab where the blood starts seeping again.  Yes, gross and oh so cool!

Those are the polishes by ManGlaze so far.  New colors will mean, I will have to get them because I like them too much not to have them all!  I will build a shrine for my ManGlaze Polishes!  Rock On! m/

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  1. July 9, 2011 / 7:45 pm

    hi olivia!!! i wasn't a fan of mattes until i saw these shades! they are very cool. thanks for the post.

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