Bridal Beauty 101 ~ Where Do You Start?

Looking Your Most
Beautiful On Your Wedding Day – Where Do You Start?
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just got engaged.


Or maybe 
your wedding is fast approaching – regardless of where you are on the
road to holy matrimony, the time to start working on your skin is now.
image courtesy of Phoenix Bride and Groom Magazine

your wedding day you want to look fresh and beautiful and radiant, and the
first step is to have your skin in the best condition possible. Whether you are
going to be in makeup, or whether you are planning on being au naturel, gorgeous skin is essential.
So where do you start?


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first thing to do is go have a facial. If nothing else, while you are lying
there being pampered you can come up with a plan!

you don’t already have a facialist that you see on a regular basis, ask around
and see if you can get some recommendations from friends, family and co
workers. A referral from a happy client will seldom lead you astray.

you don’t have a referral from anyone, check out day spas and medi-spas in your

If your budget
doesn’t have wiggle room for facials look at the aesthetics schools in your area. Prior to graduating students have to clock in hundreds of hours of facials and beauty treatments, and as such you can get a fabulous facial very economically.

you have found your place for treatments, you and your facialist need to come
up with a plan for getting your skin ready for the big day.

that will only mean having a facial the week before the ceremony, other times
it will be a more comprehensive plan that involves hydrating facials, deep
cleansing facials, exfoliating treatments – whatever is necessary to give you
that polished, beautiful look.

of the most fabulous things you can do for your skin is to have a microdermabrasion

This is where a
machine is used to remove the dead and dull skin on the surface leaving you
with a smooth, fabulous, glowing complexion. 
Dermasweep is a highly evolved form of  microdermabrasion
that follows the intense exfoliation with infusion treatments. 

You walk out the door with the most exquisite
skin, and feel like a million dollars!

you are there, talk to your aesthetician about your eyebrows.  If you haven’t started grooming them, now is
generally a good time to start.

maintained eyebrows are so very important  – they’re like punctuation marks on the face.  Eyebrows can make or break a great look.
The most beautifully executed makeup can be made marginal by a furry, untamed

your first brow wax shouldn’t be right before your wedding, just in case you
don’t like it. You may also have some upper lip fluff that she can remove at
the same time – we want that upper lip smooth!

You may find that you
need to change up your
skin care products too. Maybe you’re not using the right components for your
skin’s particular needs, or perhaps the products you’re using need modifying.

aesthetician can guide you and help you create the ideal skin care regime for
your lifestyle and for your budget.

No matter how talented your makeup artist is, your makeup will never look flawless and perfect if your skin is not in good condition, and especially not if your skin is dry, patchy or flaky. 

Investing time in preparing your skin can give you a gorgeous, glowing complexion on your big day!

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